Cuba is a country of such incredible contrast and surprises.  Known to many, unvisited by, even more, there’s something exciting about the thought of travelling to Cuba.

Kept in a time warp as a result of decades of political upheaval and protection, the west has long been at loggerheads with Cuba.  This, in turn, has made it difficult for people to travel to Cuba.

Cuba is amazing.  With vehicles from the 1950s still being driven and the beauty of the architecture now largely hidden by decay, travelling here provides an insight into yesterday and a country that has not moved on.

With the beautiful waters of the Caribbean only a short drive away and the fun and party atmosphere of the capital Havana Cuba creates an interesting place to visit.  One that you will never forget.  Visit Cuba before it changes.

Cuba has two currencies.  The Cuban convertible peso (CUC) is the recognised currency and is tagged to the US dollar.  The Cuban peso (CUP) is the local currency.  The CUC is used by tourists only.

Credit cards are still not a common form of payment.  Currency exchange booths and banks remain the best way to exchange money legally.

Both currencies are closed currencies meaning you cannot buy it outside Cuba and you cannot leave with it either.

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