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Signature lunch at the Pullman Danang Beach Resort

curry with seafood at pullman danang

Food theatre

Eating at the Pullman Danang Beach Resort hit a new high as we were treated to a wonderful lunch full of their signature dishes.  Special attention from the chefs, theatrical cooking displays and mouth watering food created the perfect dining scene.

Having already dined the evening before at Epice Restaurant, this time we were at the  Azure Beach Lounge, a more casual dining location with a view of the sand and ocean.

All the meals we had here are available individually from the menu, but put altogether, it has all the ingredients (pardon the pun) for a memorable food experience.

Behind the scenes

I started it all off with a visit to the kitchen to visit our chef that was going to be in charge of today’s lunch.  He was a bit shy, so I didn’t hang around and stare at him for too long!

Eating at the Pullman Danang Beach Resort
The chef hard at work in his kitchen

Here I got to witness the process that would be used to cook the seafood specialty.  These river rocks are heated to high temperatures in the kitchen and will be used later to cook the seafood.

eating at Pullman Danang
Preparing the rocks for cooking prawns


The first course was brought out once I had finished my galavanting in the kitchen.   A fresh looking Vietnamese Green Mango Salad appeared, large enough to feed everyone at the table.

The Vietnamese people love green mango, and I will admit to it being “greener” and more unripe than what I got used to in Thailand.  In salads such as these, it is ok for my palate, but I can’t eat it on its own.  Luckily here I didn’t need to.  It was mixed in with carrot, fresh coriander, prawns, nuts and a wonderful dressing.

Green mango salad
Green mango salad

Just when I thought a salad couldn’t get any larger, out came an impressive looking Caesar Salad as well.

The impressive caesar salad
The impressive caesar salad

Their famous prawn dish

With the hot rocks now at the correct temperature, they are placed into a heavy, cast iron pot, and placed on a trolley.  Here, alongside our table, the chef placed green prawns, seasoned with Vietnamese herbs and a few other secret ingredients onto the rocks to begin the cooking process.

Chef preparing our prawns at the table
Chef preparing our prawns at the table – putting the prawns onto the hot rocks

The smell of the prawns cooking waft over the table, and I’m feeling a bit sorry for the other diners who are watching with great envy.  Perhaps it might tempt them to order it for themselves.

Raw prawns cooking over hot rocks - eating at the Pullman Danang Beach Resort
Raw prawns cooking over hot rocks

It’s a simple enough process, and with a good swish of rice wine, they are almost done.

Adding rice wine to the prawns
Adding rice wine to the prawns
The final prawn dish is served
The final prawn dish is ready to be served

After approximately 10 minutes, the prawns are cooked, and are served simply with some lime and an aioli.

Seafood curry

In keeping with the seafood theme, the next dish to arrive was the curry.  Bright yellow, intensely aromatic and filled with amazing seafood.  The flavours of coconut delicately tainted the prawns, squid, clams and fish balls, lolling about in the fragrant liquid.

Seafood curry - eating at pullman danang beach resort
Seafood curry

Extraordinary icecream

When we were sitting by the pool earlier, I’d noticed a number of people being served something that was “smoking”.  As I lay back on my pool chair, I was intrigued, but not tempted enough to get up and see what it was.

As the second trolley came out to our table, and we were asked to choose an ice cream flavour, it all became clear.

This was liquid nitrogen icecream.  Only difference to the pool offering was this was again made “live” at our table.

And whilst the cooking of the prawns was its own delight, there’s nothing quite like seeing icecream made in this way.

It’s literally all smoke and mirrors.  Well, vapour perhaps.

As someone who loves making ice cream, I was thrilled to be part of this and to watch it up close.

It’s a simple process, with simple ingredients, but the liquid nitrogen takes away the time factor.  No cooking, refrigerating, churning and freezing.  It’s all made, from start to finish, in a matter of minutes.

Pouring the custard in to make the icecream
Pouring the custard in to make the icecream


I chose the coconut, made with a vanilla custard base, coconut jelly, and toasted fresh coconut.  As a fan of this flavour, it was a taste sensation.  Served in square, marble bowls, the icecream never melts.

It was an overly generous serving as well, but not something that an icrecream lover will ever complain about.

The finished product - extremely cold ice-cream
The finished product – extremely cold ice-cream

My husband went a little more on the wild side, ordering raspberry, white chocolate and kaffir lime.  Once again, a delectable treat.

There are many flavours to choose from.  Think salted caramel with pink salt flakes, bellini, yellow peach and roasted almonds or snickers, peanut, caramel and chocolate.  There’s also a durian one, although I imagine the take up by western visitors to be low for this one!

Raspberry, kaffir and white chocolate icecream
Raspberry, kaffir and white chocolate icecream
Triple coconut icrecream
Coconut icecream

So much more than food

There are many more great meals on the menu at the Azure Beach Lounge, but these are considered their signature dishes.  With such flavour and freshness, I can see why.

If you are at the resort celebrating a special occasion, I’d highly recommend that you talk to the staff and order a similar experience.  Your dining partner will be wowed and so will you.  Eating at the Pullman Danang Beach Resort doesn’t get any better.

Eating at the Pullman Danang Beach Resort doesn't get any better than having their signature lunch, full of amazing fresh produce and a touch of theatre. It's worthy of a reservation even if you aren't staying at this hotel.

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A special thank you to the Pullman Danang Beach Resort for extending the invitation to us to share this signature lunch with them.   As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. What an amazing menu. I love seafood, and both your curry and the prawn dish just look amazing. The making of the ice cream also sounds exciting, would try it right away, if I could 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness… your photos made my mouth water! I especially love as well how they prepare the food right in front of you. It will surely build a huge appetite — I mean, it sure did for me haha!

  3. Such a different take on Vietnamese food than the one we’re used to. The restaurant sounds wonderful! And I think the shy chef just let’s his food make all the talking ?

  4. All the dishes look delicious -particularly the Cesare salad and curry. Having the ice-cream theater before your eyes must have been great, but were you cold off the nitrogen? I suppose the cold breeze generated would have been nice in the heat and humidity of Vietnam!

  5. The food looks delicious. I do love a good seafood curry, especially when the seafood is really fresh. I’m sure cold ice cream would slide down nicely after a spicy meal in Vietnam. Yum!

  6. That food looks amazing. Its great that you got to see it all cooked. I would love to be back in Vietnam eating there gorgeous food 🙂

  7. I think it’s fascinating how the food is cooked over hot stones, and what a great experience to have it cooked right in front of you. It must give the food a unique flavour. And the liquid nitrogen ice cream looks amazing! I’d love to try this (although definitely not the durian!)

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