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Rent a motorhome one way in Europe with Anywhere Campers

Motorhoming in Europe is one of our great passions, and we’ve been travelling by motorhome, lapping up the freedom that the road ahead offers for over 25 years now. When we first started out renting campervans and the larger motorhomes, we always wanted to explore the idea of one-way hire. Back then, being able to rent a motorhome one-way in Europe was virtually non-existent and hiring a campervan meant you needed to pick up and drop off at the same location.

We learned that it just wasn’t feasible to travel this way, either for time or budget purposes. After all, one-way hires, if you could find them, were usually incredibly expensive. So we found our favourite motorhome companies to hire from; companies like France Motorhome Hire (Apollo) that we used to travel all over Europe, Indi Campers in Portugal and Camp Easy in Iceland.

Did you know that you can now hire a motorhome for a one-way route in Europe and you can do it easily?

Read more about one-way motorhome rental in our guide.

Ready to book? Go straight to Anywhere Campers for an online quote.

Time has shown however that there is now a stronger market for one-way motorhome rentals, and motorhome company Anywhere Campers have filled the gap. Demand will continue to grow for one-way hire as people all over the world adjust to a changing travel landscape and shortened periods of time spent overseas.

As their name might suggest, Anywhere Campers operates unlike any other campervan or motorhome company in Europe. Here’s our review of how to make one-way hire work for you.

© Image used with permission Anywhere Campers
© Image used with permission Anywhere Campers

Who are Anywhere Campers?

Whenever we have reviewed a motorhome or campervan company, one of the first things we advise campervan renters to do is to carry out due diligence on the company before they book, hand over large amounts of money and plan travel itineraries around them.

Anywhere Campers have been around for a few years, starting as a very small business in 2013 with only a few campervans and even fewer staff. Today, they run a fleet of approximately 50 motorhomes that come in various shapes and sizes.

Anywhere Campers set themselves apart from the rest of the motorhome hiring companies by offering flexible one-way hire. This means that straight away, you don’t need to pick up and return to the same depot. But it’s much more than that, you actually don’t need to drop it off at any specific depot.

Anywhere Campers don’t have depots spread all across Europe. Their model relies solely on having team members in other European countries who are ready to hand over or take back the campervan from the customer at any agreed location.

So for example, you might pick up your motorhome in Belgium and return it somewhere in France. Or, a trip that sees you start in Italy, might see you want to drop it off in Greece.

Adria Matrix campervan parked on the green grass

What types of motorhomes are available for hire?

Anywhere Campers offer the Adria Matrix brand/model for their customers. Adria is one of Europe’s premier mobile home and recreational vehicle companies, offering campervans, motorhomes and caravans. This ensures that anyone renting a motorhome gets a motorhome with modern specifications and the safety and security of driving a reputable vehicle.

Another feature is that they offer motorhomes with both automatic and manual transmission. As a general rule, most motorhomes that can be hired are automatic. Many customers these days either don’t like driving manual vehicles or don’t know how to. But, if you love driving with a bit more interaction, there might just be a manual for you.

Pro tip: Motorhome hire in Europe has always been in high demand. With the opening up of the world again to travel, the pressure on motorhome supply vs demand will be greater than it has been over the past few years. If you want to do a road trip for your next holiday, you should try and book as far in advance as possible. Summertime, in particular, is very popular for road trips in Europe. To secure your preferred motorhome and the transmission type (eg auto or manual) you require, you need to get in fast.

The motorhomes available for hire are at the larger end of the spectrum. Don’t expect to find small campervans here suitable for only one or two people. There are motorhomes that would suit 4-5 people if you want to max out all the beds. If you prefer a bit more space and don’t mind paying extra for it, the 4-berth motorhomes are also perfect for two people. This is generally how we like to travel. But, it all comes down to your budget as well.

If you have 5-6 people travelling together, the latest edition to the fleet contains an annexe with additional sleeping areas.

Adria Matrix Anywhere Campers with annex and chairs
© Image used with permission Anywhere Campers

Get a quote now with Anywhere Campers. Tell them in the notes section that you heard about them from me and they’ll love you even more!

What’s included in the rental?

We wrote a comprehensive guide on the important questions to ask before hiring a motorhome in Europe. In this article, we go through every part of the pre-hire process in detail, so that as a hirer you understand where all the traps and pitfalls might be, before making a financial commitment. If you are a first-time hirer, we strongly recommend reading the above article first. It will save you time, frustration and ultimately money.

If you have read this article, you’ll also see that knowing exactly what is, and what isn’t included in your quote is a significant factor in any hiring decision. This is an area where many assumptions can be made. Imagine thinking that a motorhome would have bedding. You arrive to pick up your motorhome in the middle of a European winter only to find it wasn’t included in the price.

Fortunately, you can go and buy this stuff, but it’s a hassle and a cost you probably don’t need. Or you were really looking forward to riding a bicycle, but you realise when you get to the depot that they aren’t included and there are none available to hire.

The following are the standard inclusions for motorhome hires from Anywhere Campers.

  • Unlimited kilometres (mileage) is one of the most important inclusions. Motorhome travel in Europe can cover huge distances and you want to make sure you don’t have a big mileage bill at the end of the trip. Anywhere Campers offer this for any hire that exceeds seven days.
  • Unlimited drivers
  • Roadside breakdown assistance provided by Allianz throughout Europe
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Table and four chairs
  • Outdoor BBQ (grill)
  • Two mountain bikes
  • Bedding, towels and kitchen linen
  • Equipped kitchen – no need to bring any of your basic kitchen equipment.
  • Road permits for Czech Republic, Switzerland and Austria
  • Full tank diesel
  • Full LPG gas tank (one in summer and two in winter)
  • All other operating fluids necessary to run the vehicle properly
  • GPS
  • All connection cables (electricity hookups), water hose, cable reel, levelling blocks (balancing wedges)
  • 24/7 information line, customer support
  • Training provided at pickup.

Features of the campervans

  • Modern vehicles – the majority of the fleet is from 2021-2022 and is continually being updated.
  • Reputable motorhome company from Slovenia – Adria
  • Automatic vehicles have nine-speed transmission while the manuals have six-speed
  • 160 hp diesel engines – 90-litre tank
  • Large wastewater and greywater tanks
  • Things to make driving easier like cruise control, electric windows, central locking
  • Front seats swivel around into the cabin to become part of the living area. Great for when you have more than two people travelling together.
  • Air-conditioned cabin
  • Driver and passenger airbags
  • All vehicles have a separate, fully-enclosed shower within the larger bathroom area
  • Excellent storage throughout
  • Large rear garage – great for popping a scooter in
  • Spacious living areas with table
  • Blinds inside and in the cabin provide privacy and coolness/warmth where required
  • Fully equipped bedrooms and kitchen
  • Different configurations of beds are possible
  • Except for the Sunlight A70, all motorhomes have a double bed that can be lowered via an electronic remote from the ceiling
  • Reading lights above beds
  • Gas stovetop with three hotplates
  • 140-litre Thetford fridge/freezer
  • Insulated to keep them cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Curtains and insect netting
  • Internal heating
  • External bike carrier
  • Side awning
  • 12-volt and 230-volt power and sockets
  • Tables and four chairs
  • BBQ (grill)
  • 300-400W inverter.

Additional extras

Anywhere Campers include so much as part of their standard package that there are not many possible additional extras left to think of.

The following optional extras are available:

  • Child seat €5 per day (maximum €150)
  • Pet fee €75 per rental


Comprehensive insurance is included in the standard hire. This insurance covers damage caused to people and/or property external to the vehicle. It specifically covers damage caused by vehicle accidents, theft, vandalism, weather and animals. There is also windscreen protection. This is important as windscreens are usually susceptible to damage when you are on the road so much. We’ve had two windscreens damaged in previous trips.

Damage can be caused to the vehicle in many other ways that are not covered by this comprehensive insurance.

Such damage includes:

  • Damage to the external awning
  • Theft or damage to the bicyles
  • Tyre damage
  • Damage to internal fixtures and fittings
  • Theft of personal items.

We recommend you have insurance to cover your motorhome road trip in some form. As regular motorhome travellers, we have always added additional excess insurance to our personal travel insurance policy, to cover any incident that could happen while we are driving or damage, accidental or otherwise, to the motorhome or its contents. Insurance can take many forms and be provided by a range of companies.

Anywhere Campers also provide some additional insurance options to reduce excesses.

Be especially diligent when checking whether your insurance covers damage underneath the motorhome and on the roof. Anywhere Campers offer the following additional insurance options that will reduce your excess in the event of an accident or damage to the motorhome.

  • Option 1 – €29 per day, maximum charge equal to a 30 day hire (€870). Excess is reduced to €300.
  • Option 2 – €24 per day, maximum charge equal to a 30 day hire (€720). Excess is reduced to €500.
Wild camping by the lake
© Image used with permission Anywhere Campers

Getting a quote

The first point to remember here is not to expect an immediate quote like many of the mainstream motorhome companies provide. Those who require a pickup and drop off in the same location can easily provide an immediate basic quote as they know the vehicle location. The process here is via an online form; alternatively, a customer can email. All you need to do is provide them with your dates, number of people, preference for manual or automatic, and pick up and drop off locations.

The quoting process is very simple. Keep in mind that their office is in Prague. If you are based in the southern hemisphere, you generally won’t get an immediate response unless you send it early or late at night. The team is quick to respond, so you will usually have a response in your inbox when you wake up the next day.

There is comfort in knowing this quote is the final price. Unless the customer requests a change in details, for example, dates, time periods or locations, the price you see on the quote is what you should expect to pay. No additional fees and therefore no surprises.

The quote will cover all of the items mentioned above. This is exactly the confidence you need when spending large amounts of money and planning your overseas holiday.

anywhere campers quote one way motorhome rental europe

Get a quote now and tell them Beer and Croissants sent you!

What else is different?

Apart from the obvious difference of providing a genuine one-way hire option, Anywhere Campers also do a few other things that stand out to a long-term motorhome hirer. Pets are one of them. While other motorhome companies allow pets, it’s still not all that common.

Then, when pets are allowed, the additional costs of having them travel with you often defeat the purpose. Anywhere Campers know that travelling with your pets can be a very important part of your travel decision, so not only do they allow it, but they only charge €75 extra for doing so.

It’s also worth noting that there is no size restriction on the kind of animal you can take on board. As the owner of a larger dog, I find this very refreshing. Usually, you can only take tiny animals with you. Be sure to mention that you wish to bring a pet when booking, as prior approval is required.

Many motorhome hiring companies require gas bottles to be refilled 100% upon vehicle return. Anywhere Campers do not have this requirement.

Anywhere Campers provide enough basic essentials for your motorhome to operate, depending on the length of hire. For example, if you are going on a short trip, they will provide enough toilet chemicals for your average trip length. If you plan a longer trip, they will increase the amount of chemicals relevant to the time frame. This is not normal. Usually, hiring companies will provide 1-2 toilet chemicals, and after that you must pay extra for additional items or purchase more along the way.

Perhaps one of the most significant differences relates to the security deposit (bond) amount. At €1,000 this is much lower than many other hiring companies in Europe. This means the most you will pay in the event of serious damage to the motorhome is €1,000.

Anywhere Campers also includes additional drivers as part of the standard package. In many other hiring companies, additional drivers incur an additional fee.

© Image used with permission Anywhere Campers


Once you’ve made the big decision to accept the quote, various payment options and timelines will be relevant. Usually, the first thing to be done is the payment of a deposit. Payments are made using debit/credit cards via a secure payment gateway. A variety of cards may be used. Note, if you are using cards to pay for security deposits, the amount will usually be held as a pending item on your card. If you have a card limit, be sure to take this into account and make sure you don’t need that for your trip.

Cash cannot be used for any payments including the security deposit (bond) at pickup.


Once a contract for hire has been signed, the customer has 10 days to pay a deposit of 30% of the total rental amount.


The balance of 70% must be paid 45 days before the pickup date agreed to in the contract. Note if you are lucky enough to be able to secure a last-minute booking that falls within 45 days, your full rental amount will be immediately due when you sign the contract.

Bond Security deposit

A bond of €1000 is also required before taking ownership of the vehicle for the hiring period. It is important to note that if the hiring party is unable to pay the security deposit, the vehicle will not be able to be hired by the customer and a full cancellation fee will be administered.

Return of security deposit

The security deposit (bond) is kept by the hiring company to cover any damage that is observed on the return of the vehicle. Provided there are no issues, the deposit will be returned in accordance with the timelines set out in the contract. This can take up to 10 days after the drop-off to be returned to a customer’s bank account. If there is damage to the vehicle, the security deposit won’t be returned until after this process is completed.

driving on the road in an RV
© Image used with permission Anywhere Campers


Can I choose to hire either an auto or manual transmission motorhome?

Yes, you can, although the earlier you can make your booking the better. There are limits to the number of automatic and manual vehicles available for hire and demand can place additional pressure on one type over the other. To be sure of your preferred option, book early. Note that if you only hold a licence for an automatic vehicle, you cannot hire a manual.

Is hot water and heating available in the motorhome?

The motorhomes come equipped with hot water systems and heating, which is fabulous news for those cool-weather road trips. The motorhomes use a Truma Combi system, which can warm the living areas of the motorhome and provide hot water for showers and washing up. The system operates on gas.

Is it easy to use gas in the motorhome?

Gas is common in motorhomes. It is used to run appliances like the fridge, hot water and heating when the motorhome is not actually driving. It’s also very useful for cooking. The gas bottles in Anywhere Campers’ motorhomes are LPG.

How much gas will we use?

There is no standard answer to this question as everyone uses gas differently. Of course, it also depends on the season you are travelling in. In summer, it is unlikely that you will be using gas for heating, so a gas bottle will last a lot longer. Often you can get around 10 days from one bottle. During winter, when heating is used often and hot water showers are favoured, a gas bottle may only last two to four days.

What happens if we run out of gas?

The use of LPG in the gas bottles in the Anywhere Campers motorhomes differs from some other motorhome companies where you have to swap out bottles. Using LPG gas means it is easier to refill. All you need to do is go to any gas station with LPG/GPL pumps and fill it up. You can check locations and pricing on the MyLPG website.

Do I need to return a full gas bottle when I drop the vehicle off?

No this is not necessary.

Is there a proper fridge in the motorhome?

Yes! Regular readers of ours know just how important it is to us to have a good fridge that has plenty of space and operates properly. All Anywhere Campers fridges are built by the respected RV brand Thetford. The fridge/freezers have a capacity of approximately 140 litres and are operated on both batteries, 230 volts and gas. When the vehicle is being driven, the engine charges the fridge. When the engine is stopped, the fridge will automatically switch to 230 volts (if plugged into 230-volt mains – eg in an official campground) or gas if not plugged into an electrical point.

How can I operate and charge my devices and other equipment?

Accessing charging outlets is very important in today’s travel world. In the motorhomes, there are two USB ports in the lamps located in the bedroom. Two ports are above the dining table and 2-3 in the driver’s cabin. The ports in the front only work when the engine is running.

Can I operate an inverter off the house battery?

Yes. Even better, Anywhere Campers provide a 300-400W inverter as part of the package.

Can I also use solar to charge my devices?

No, unfortunately, there is no solar provisions on these motorhomes.

Can I take our pet with us?

You sure can. This is great news for travellers wanting to take their pets. There is also no restriction on the number or size of your pet. There is a €75 fee per rental.

Do I need a special license or an International Driver’s Permit?

An International Driver’s Permit (IDP) is not required however you must be licensed to drive a vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes. A copy of your own country’s licence is acceptable.

Can I cancel or change my booking due to Covid-19?

Anywhere Campers knows that Covid-19 is continuing to pose issues for travellers. As such, they try to do as much as possible to be flexible with their customers. If a customer cannot travel due to personal Covid health-related matters, or due to country/government border rules etc, talk to your representative at Anytime Campers.

Can I cancel my booking for other reasons?

You can cancel your bookings but be aware that there are penalties depending on the timing of your change. Check the terms and conditions.

Can anyone drive an Anywhere Campers motorhome?

No. While the terms of hiring a motorhome include additional drivers at no cost, all drivers must be over 23 years old and have held an appropriate driver’s licence for at least two years.

Can I go to all European countries?

While travel to most western and European countries is possible, several exclusions exist. Travel is prohibited into Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, or Morocco.

Motorhome itineraries to help you plan your next trip

I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve travelled through France on a motorhome road trip. These are some of our favourite trips.

Southern France- two-week motorhome itinerary

Burgundy – 10-day motorhome itinerary

Exploring the Lot River and Lot Valley in southern France

South-West France 20-day motorhome itinerary

You can find more of our itineraries on our motorhome page.

Cross-country motorhome rental opens up so many possibilities for your travel itinerary. No longer confined to the same pickup and drop-off points, you can go as far as your imagination, your budget and your time allow you. We hope you have as much fun as we always do.

Disclaimer – Beer and Croissants was not remunerated by Anywhere Campers to write this review. It is an independent review based on the facts of their one-way motorhome hire process, their payment process, insurance options and other inclusions. As always, these articles are written by us to help our readers who are usually hiring for the first time, with some of the most important questions they should ask prior to signing contracts and handing over their hard-earned cash.

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