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Snorkelling Hanauma Bay: The best snorkelling in Oahu

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Snorkelling Oahu

If you read the guides, listen to the locals, or take notice of all the coupons in the weekly free publications that are found all over Oahu, then you will quickly come to the conclusion if you want to go snorkelling on Oahu, Hanauma Bay is THE place to snorkel here.  We would definitely agree.  Sure, we found some other areas that also looked great, but if you want somewhere that is easy to get to, easy to snorkel, and where you can actually get to see live fish and other ocean creatures, look no further than Hanauma Bay, located on the lower East Shore of Oahu.

Hanauma Bay Beach Hanauma

Hanauma Bay snorkelling tips

To make your trip to Hanauma Bay more enjoyable, I would suggest considering the following:

  • Go early!  I can’t stress this one enough.  Even if you are someone who hates early mornings, make an exception for this event.  It’s worth it.  Going early wins for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, you beat everyone else there!  This bay gets incredibly busy and crowded.  This in turn means that it could take longer to get down to the bay (queues for tickets and for the theatre that is a mandatory requirement for first time visitors to the bay)  Lots of people at the top, turns into lots of people on the beach and then lots and lots of snorkellers swimming around you and where you want to look.  It’s almost like a queue underwater!  We were in the water nice and early and as such felt as though we had all the lagoons to ourselves.  It got busier as the morning went on which means you have to spend your time watching more than just the fish.  The second reason is to beat the winds that tend to strengthen later in the morning.  Winds whip up the waves over the shallow coral areas making the snorkelling just that little less peaceful.
  • If you are planning on doing a lot of snorkelling whilst you are in Oahu or Hawaii, and you have enough room in your luggage, it might be a good idea to bring your own gear.  It will just save you money having to hire them each time.  If you can’t it’s no big deal as there are plenty of places on the island to hire from.  Some are better than others so it pays to look around.  You should at least check that the masks have been de-fogged and that the equipment has been sanitised.  Even better would be to get a snorkel that has a dry valve.
  • Take plenty of sunscreen and a hat.  I know this might sound basic but it’s amazing how many people we see without either (or both).  The Hawaiian sun is very hot and there is very little shade at Hanauma Bay.  We snorkelled with ‘rashies‘ as did many others there that day.
  • The park opens early and you can stay there as long as you like.  There is one snack bar up the top but other than that there are no food areas down at the beach.  It’s not that far down there but to get back to the top you need to walk up a reasonable hill.  If you don’t want to keep walking up, I would suggest you take some food and drinks down with you.  Many people take cooler bags down with them.
  • Leave your valuables at home.  Small and large lockers can be hired.
  • If you have mobility issues you can still snorkel here.  A Jeep with a train carriage attached takes people up and down the hill constantly.  
  • Logistics is probably the most variable item.  You can catch ‘TheBus’, a variety of shuttles and tour buses or you can drive there yourself.  ‘TheBus’, the local public service, would be the most economical but will take the longest.  Driving is super easy from Waikiki.

hanauma bay

For up to date opening times, shuttle times and prices and other information on the Hanauma Bay State Park, always refer to their website.

Click here if you prefer a guided snorkelling tour

Hanauma Bay Oahu

How to get to Hanauma Bay

There is a myriad of shuttles that go from Waikiki to Hanauma Bay.  We used Ike’s Hanauma Bay tour.  Compared to some of the others, Ike has a professional website, which is always a good sign, and plenty of reviews that I could use to benchmark his offering.  Whilst he might not be the cheapest around, you get what you pay for and there are several ‘extras’ that you get by going with Ike.  He has an early service, with the first pickup at 6.45am.

We took this one which got us to the park at around 7.15am.  Ike also has a small van which is important for one main reason.  There are restrictions for vehicles entering the parking area.  Approved tour buses can go in but the general shuttle buses, which are usually 14+ seaters aren’t allowed into the carpark.  This means that they stop on the main highway near the turnoff to the bay and use smaller vans to transfer you in.  This, of course, takes time when you just want to get to the water.

Ike will also only ever pick up from a couple of hotels which means you don’t waste time going from hotel to hotel doing pickups.  There is a heap of hotels in Waikiki so this could take some time.  And there’s always those who are never on time.  Ike provides you with personal service and some great commentary along the way.  He’s a little crazy and he loves to talk, but it’s all good fun.  He’s also got new gear, with all the features I mentioned above.

Access to Hanauma Bay State Park

On arrival at the park entrance, we paid our admission fee and went inside to wait for the information and safety briefing in the theatre.  Many years ago, the bay became a victim of its own beauty and popularity and the significant number of people who came here  (and some less than careful of the fragile marine environment they were playing in) created a negative impact on this area.  Today, the admission fee also acts as a means of limiting access by ensuring that it is not used as a general public beach as well as providing the regular upkeep of the surrounding area.

The briefing takes you through the types of animals you might see in the water and guides people on the importance of not touching the marine life and to avoid stepping on the coral, something which even I must admit was hard when the waves pushed me around a little as the wind picked up later in the morning.  They ask you to sign a paper record of attending the briefing so if you are going more than once over a 12 month period, you do not have to sit through the briefing every time you visit.  A great idea!

Views of Hanauma Bay

Overhead View Hanauma Bay Oahu snorkelling hanauma bay

The view from up the top is spectacular and it gave us a very clear idea of where the bays are to snorkel in, such is the difference in the water colour.  There are specific areas that are out of bounds (or should be if common sense prevails).  Outside the main bay area are lava tubes which suck in the ocean creating strong waves and whitewash.  If you get caught in this, you will more than likely be sent flying into the rocks at a great speed.

There are five main areas in which to snorkel.  We snorkelled bay 2 and 4.  Bay 2 was full of sea life.  The most amazing fish, so many varieties!  My favourite was the large parrot fish which would have been about 70cm in length.

snorkelling in hanauma bay oahu

Go early to Hanauma Bay to avoid the crowds

As we finished our time in the water and were heading back to the beach, we looked up towards the top of the hill.  Streams of newcomers to the bay were walking down the hill, ready to take their own turn at experiencing this beautiful area.  It made us instantly pleased once again that we had come here early.  As it was, towards the very end of our session, the number of people in the water had already started to make it a little crowded.

Book a snorkelling tour to Hanauma Bay

If you aren’t convinced about getting to Hanauma Bay on your own, there are plenty of tours to choose from.  Check out Viator for Hanauma Bay snorkelling tours and more.

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  1. I love Hanauma Bay! It can get CRAZY busy though. If that happens, take a drive out to the North Shore and snorkel at Three Tables instead. It is beautiful, never crowded, and, best of all, free! It is much smaller but I think the beauty is unmatched anywhere else on the island. I hope you enjoy all Oahu and the Islands in general have to offer. 😀 Cheers!

  2. Beerandcroissants

    Hi Molly, thanks so much for your comment! I agree re the Three Tables. We also went there on our trip up to the North Shore. Blog on tis trip coming soon and I will definitely be posting some photos of this wonderful spot.

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