Australia is an incredibly diverse country. From the golden sands of our beaches to the oceans, waterfalls and rivers, to the richness of the outback, and the ever-changing landscapes of our regional towns and our cosmopolitan cities. There’s something for everyone in Australia. Your only decision to make is when to come and for how long.


As experienced motorhome travellers we bring you all the tips, hints and advice you’ll need before hiring a motorhome or buying a motorhome in France and beyond. Road trip itineraries, where to stop overnight, how to save money, and plenty of great recipes to cook in your motorhome

traveller’s kitchen

Food is an important part of why we travel, and it guides where we go, where we eat and what we do. At home, we enhance our travel by cooking the foods we’ve found overseas, often adding our own touches to the recipes or cooking a traditional one given to us by a local. All of these recipes can be cooked by you at home.

Beer and Croissants is all about real travel, where we, Kerri and Stirling, are the true source of everything written on this website. There’s no AI or ChatGPT to be found anywhere here! Australia is our home, but we’ve been travelling the world independently since 1995. We are experienced motorhome travellers with extensive expertise in Europe. We own our own campervan too, so a good road trip is never far away. We travel and linger, connecting with local cultures and learning about their food. Back home, we cook from the recipes we have sourced on our travels and encourage sustainable food production, starting in our own backyard.

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