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We receive so many emails every day.  The following will help you get your message heard as quickly as possible.

Leave a comment

If you are a traveller, the best way to get in touch with us about any of our articles and the content within them is to leave a comment.  There is a dedicated section at the bottom of each article. We check these regularly and we will always respond to you, especially if you have questions or are looking for more information.  Note: we will always only respond to genuine comments and questions.  Whilst we get a lot of emails, we get even more spam.  If you are a spammer, expect that your email will go into the trash immediately.

Note: If you do leave a comment or question on one of our articles, don’t forget to come back to see our response.  We will reply to you on the article.

Alternatively, if you are more of the shy type and prefer to talk to us in private, we’d still love to hear from you, especially if you are sharing one of your experiences with us.

If you would like to contact us to work with us, you can do so by emailing us.

Please remember that we are frequent travellers, so we may not respond to you immediately, especially if we have dodgy wifi or are out in the middle of nowhere (which does happen!).  We read all of our emails, so we will always reply to you if you have genuine questions and authentic travel and commercial offers.

Join our Facebook groups 

The Beer and Croissants Facebook page is the perfect forum to interact with other travellers.  Here we also post other travel-related information that you won’t find on this website.  

If you are looking to travel in a motorhome in France, consider joining us on our Motorhoming in France Facebook group, where we have a growing community of owners and those who are looking to hire a motorhome in France.  It’s a great forum for asking very specific questions about motorhome travel, that only those with experience can answer,  It’s also the perfect group if you are actually on the road and need some timely advice on your travel situation.

Booking travel

As much as we love to travel and love to inspire others to travel, we are not travel agents.  As such, we are not in a position to be able to provide you with personalised travel itineraries or book any form of travel for you.  If you are after information, our comprehensive travel guides and destination guides might assist you.  If you are wanting to book hotels, flights, tours, car hire, motorhome hire or any other form of travel-related event, we have links to our recommended services and products throughout our articles.  

You can also search here for our favourite travel resources and best travel websites.

Our destination guides, travel stories and information can be found here

If you have genuine questions about any of our information please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

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Looking to work with Beer and Croissants?

We are great to work with so we understand why you might like to get in touch.  If you are looking for us to work with you to raise the awareness of your brand or your destination, check out our Work with Us page in the first instance.  If you want to chat, get in touch via email.  You can also request our media kit.  

If you are interested in having us write a sponsored article for your brand, please email us for our current commercial rates.  Sponsored articles will only be considered if they align with our travel content and philosophy.   All sponsored articles will always be written by us and will always note an appropriate disclosure and no-follow link.  This is not negotiable.

Note:  We do not buy links.  Emails requesting these will be placed in the trash and will not elicit a response.

Looking to have a guest post published?

Beer and Croissants does not accept guest posts of any kind.  We know there are some great writers out there, but we keep very tight control over what is published on our website to ensure its ongoing integrity, professionalism and ensure that any content always aligns with our audience.  If you believe that you have an exceptional article that aligns very specifically with content already published on our site, is at least 1,500 words and can provide your own professional quality images (no stock photos will be accepted at all), then please email to discuss. 

Most of the requests for guest posts received by Beer and Croissants show that they are a cut/paste email, with no actual knowledge of our content.  These emails will be placed in the trash immediately and you will not receive a response.

Overall note: If your email looks dodgy, you don’t explain succinctly what you are after, it clearly shows cut/paste, you call us by a name that isn’t ours, you reference content that isn’t ours, or any other form of communication that is not professional, you can expect that it will not be opened.  Beer and Croissants are professional people who love to work with other professional people and genuine readers.  It is these people that get the best of our attention.

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