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Do you represent a destination, a hotel, activity or experience or a travel brand you would like to promote to Beer and Croissants readers?  Perhaps you’d like to have us on a media trip or even create one for us?

Why work with us?

Simply, because you are working with business professionals, not just writers.  We know how to build and value relationships and deliver a return on investment for our clients.  It’s why we have the same clients asking us to work for them over and over again.

Who are we?

Beer and Croissants is a travel website providing tips, advice and great stories about great destinations around the world. It’s aimed at travel-loving couples who are financially independent and have a degree of flexibility as to when and how they travel.  We are also foodie travellers, providing insight into local cuisine and bringing those international foods home to our kitchen as well. There’s always plenty of local wines and beers being sampled.  We don’t just travel for travel’s sake, we travel slowly, experiencing the places we go to.

Our readers are people who don’t mind spending their money on the finer things in life, sometimes middle of the road, sometimes luxury, but never budget or backpacker.  They are independent travellers, making up their own travel plans and using their own steam to get around.  This website provides them with the inspiration and ideas for where to go and how to do it.

You can read some of what our readers say about us and our articles on our reviews page.

Our travel stories are authentic.  We write of our real travel experiences, take all of our own photos and create our own videos.  If we write about a destination, location or experience, you can be assured that we have been there, done that ourselves.  That’s why our readers trust us, follow us, and as a result book travel and buy products based on our recommendations.

Kerri is the ultimate professional, having been a senior executive in the corporate world for most of her career.  She knows how to deliver real return on investment and has a strong business mind.  With the ability to provide brands with detailed and honest reviews and integrated and engaging social media promotion, Kerri always over-delivers on her commitments.

Stirling has had a standout career in the engineering and construction fields working both in Australia and abroad, for multi-national companies.  He has also owned a successful property development business.  At Beer and Croissants, Stirling assists with drone and SLR photography.


Beer and Croissants draw readers from a wide range of platforms, including a direct subscriber base and social media.   They are predominantly female, from countries such as the USA, Canada, UK and Australia, and are mostly aged between 25-55.

What our clients have said

Manuel João Ramos
Partnerships and Communication 
West Coast Campers
Silvia Gagliardi 
Digital PR and Online Media Relations
Emilia Romagna Regional Tourist Board

Kerri was one of six travel writers, who was handpicked to travel with me in September 2018 on a media famil to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Nha Trang Vietnam. I chose Kerri because from her responses in the qualifying emails, Kerri was already able to see my vision and what I was trying to achieve for WorldHotels in Malaysia and Vietnam. With Kerri, I got so much more than just a highly-skilled writer; I also got a true partner and collaborator. Kerri is resourceful, treats her sources with respect, communicated with ease across different cultures and is warm in her manner. Kerri is undoubtedly creative and has an ability to capture her readers on a visual journey of global experiences through her articles, videos and photographs – she just brings stories to life. Kerri was camera-ready the entire time. It has been a pleasure to know Kerri and work with her. I highly recommend Kerri to any business that wants their story told.

Anthea Scerri
Regional Director Sales Australia & NZ
WorldHotels Pty Ltd

Awards and accolades

Kerri was chosen to be the 2019  Australian Ambassador for Host Milano, a global food and hospitality exhibition taking place in Milan from 18-22 October 2019.

Kerri and Stirling are also an Honorary Barge Lady and Lad, an ambassadorial role that they undertake on behalf of Barge Lady Cruises in Chicago.  Barge Lady Cruises are an agent for barge canal cruises and other luxury holiday adventures all over Europe.

They also have a long term partnership dating back to 2012 with France Motorhome Hire, based in France and RVShare in the USA.

Kerri is also a Digitial Publisher Member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers and has served on the ASTW Board since 2020 as Treasurer.

In the media

Travel writer Kerri McConnel and her husband Stirling from Beer and Croissants were guests for the evening and said it had been a “wonderful event”. The pair also took the opportunity to eat their way around the Valley over the weekend and visited several producers in the region. “We had a fabulous weekend, the highlights, of course, being able to talk to the local business people and farmers and spend time on their farms,” Mrs McConnel said. “We’ve already got plans to return with friends and our camper van to spend the night.”

Gatton Star 29/5/2019

Read more about our media achievements.

Collaboration opportunities

Beer and Croissants would be happy to discuss opportunities involving (but not limited to):


Are you a destination? Would you like to increase awareness of your hotel or resort? Do you run barge or river cruises? Perhaps you do cooking classes or food tours?
We write comprehensive articles to provide your brand with exceptional coverage whilst improving awareness with our growing audience. We provide SEO-optimised content that is an engaging, authentic account of our experiences to showcase what you sell or what you do. Our aim is always to get our stories on page 1 of Google. That way you win and so do we.

Press and familiarisation trips

We are experienced in this area and are regularly involved in both group and private press trips. We are loved by the brands with whom we have worked with. Why? Because we are professional, low-maintenance participants who work hard during the trip for our clients. When we finish the trip, we work even harder, providing high-quality content and a social media promotional campaign that keeps your brand awareness at an engaging level. We always deliver on our promises.


We love nothing better than to promote a product or brand that we truly love. We won’t promote anything we haven’t used or loved but if you would like to have us represent your brand, please contact us for a discussion.

Sponsored articles

We are happy to feature an article written by your company or by us, provided it meets our strict and uncompromising editorial guidelines and aligns with the philosophy of our content.  Sponsored articles will always be disclosed as such and will have no-follow links attributed to the article.

Product testing and reviews

If you have a new product for the travel market that you know our audience would love and it aligns with what we do, we are happy to give it a try and provide an honest review based on our own travel needs.


Like the look of our site and want to advertise with us. We are happy to discuss options with potential clients but any advertising and placement of links must align with our website and its content.


Our website is image-heavy because we love collecting memories of our travels but we also know that it is the imagery that first captures the imagination and provides inspiration to those who see one of our destinations as their next place to travel. Our images are often used by clients on their websites and in their brochures. We use a DSLR and drone to shoot our photos and video. If you would like any of our images for your own website, marketing collateral or social media campaigns, we are happy to discuss

Freelance writing

Kerri is also a content writer and regular contributor to other websites and magazines. She is a member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers and a regular contributor to The Fit Traveller. She has also been published on Tugo, a Canadian website, European Waterways, Wild Camping magazine and Barge Lady Cruises, to name a few. Kerri is also available for editing and proof-reading.

Professional Outcomes

As experienced career business people, Kerri and Stirling have an edge when it comes to establishing and maintaining business relationships.  This ensures all communication and negotiations with brands are conducted in a professional manner.  With a strong background in business strategy, stakeholder management and communications, brands are always treated with priority and respect.

Depending on your requirements, collaborations may include detailed written reviews, video coverage, social media exposure and ongoing promotion past the date of the original agreement.  All work is conducted with the highest level of professionalism, and respect for both our client’s and their customers too.  All of our content is evergreen, and written with a strong SEO focus, meaning it will enjoy online longevity.

Examples of written content for clients

Nordic holidays – Visiting Iceland  – Why you should rent a campervan

France Motorhome Hire – Essential packing list for campervan hire

West Coast Campers – Campervan hire in Portugal – How to have a great road trip with a West Coast Campervan

WorldHotels – The Anam luxury resort in Vietnam

Barge Lady Cruises – European Waterways – Barge cruising in France on the luxury barge Renaissance

WorldHotels – 5 great hotels to stay at in Kuala Lumpur

Visit Estonia – A guide for first-time visitors to Tallinn

AirAsia – A review of AirAsia premium flatbeds

Travel Wifi – The best portable wifi for travel

Office du Tourisme Bordeaux – What to see in Bordeaux in two days

Emilia Romagna Tourism – What to do in Bologna in a week

Ministry of Tourism India – Taking a luxury train in India

A Chef’s Tour – Taking a food tour in Delhi

The Freelancers Year – Life of a travel writer

Brand partnerships

These are a selection of the great brands and clients we have worked with.

Work with Beer and Croissants

Please note that we do not accept guest posts. 

Contact us

For further information or to discuss possible business opportunities, rates or for a full media kit,  please send us an email.

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