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We’d love to have you join our travel and food community

We’d love to have you join our travel and food community

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Hi and thanks for taking the time to visit us at Beer and Croissants. We’ve been running this website and bringing our personally written travel stories to our readers now for five years.

We are proud to say that we are authentic writers, only bringing you content where we have actually visited. We travel the world independently, going where we want to go and stopping when it suits us. We love being able to plan but then have no plan.

We appreciate however that not everyone travels that way and for many, they love the comfort of some sound advice from those who may have experience in an area they are planning on travelling to.

That’s where we come in, providing tips, advice and helpful hints on the destinations we travel to. We also publish in-depth, comprehensive guides to destinations, giving our readers as much information as we possibly can.

We are also avid road trippers and love nothing more than jumping in a big motorhome to travel slowly throughout Europe (in particular). We also love indulging in good food, and of course, having a drop of the preferred local drink in our hand is common too.

We also share our recipes here, inspired by our travel as we know many of our readers love to cook. We try to show people that cooking food you may not be familiar with isn’t always hard.

Joining our email newsletter means you never miss out on anything new that is being published on this website. Life is busy and who has time to keep checking back in on multiple websites. Not me that’s for sure.

We only email a minimum of once every fortnight, usually on a Friday. Sometimes when we are travelling, the newsletters are a little less frequent.

We’ve got plenty of great travel resources all in one location for when you are travel planning.


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