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Luxury barge cruises in France and Europe

Luxury barges operate all through Europe, allowing travellers to travel slowly along the narrow canals, once used as commercial waterways. They offer a scenic way of travelling and a perspective not often gained by travelling in traditional ways.

The main canals of Europe operate in Scotland along the Caledonian Canal and the wine regions of Burgundy, Loire, Alsace, Bordeaux and Languedoc in France.

As experienced luxury barge cruisers with five journeys now under our belt, we are well-placed to be able to provide these comprehensive guides on individual cruises and luxury barging as a whole.

We have travelled with European Waterways, specialists in the European luxury barge industry, and also recommend Barge Lady Cruises, which operates out of the USA and is perfect for booking your special luxury barge cruise.

We give you answers to all the big questions you’ll be asking before you book the holiday of a lifetime.

  • Where do canal cruises operate from in Europe?
  • What are the best luxury barge companies and operators?
  • What are the luxury barge features and amenities and how are barges different to each other?
  • Do they offer value for money?
  • How do I prepare for a barge cruise?

You can find more about our canal cruises in France in the reviews we have written on this page.

Written by us for The Fit Traveller:

Renaissance – Loire Valley luxury barge cruise
The barge
The gourmet food
The onshore excursions

Savannah – Canal du Midi luxury barge cruise
The barge
The gourmet food
The onshore excursions

Written by us for Barge Lady Cruises:

Savannah – Independent review of Canal du Midi luxury barge cruise
Renaissance – Independent review of Loire Valley luxury barge cruise

**Plus you’ll find all of our comprehensive reviews and guides on all of these barges and more below.**

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