How to buy a motorhome in France (legally) | A detailed guide for Non-EU residents


Buying a motorhome in France is a huge financial and operational task. It is also a subject where it’s difficult to find accurate, comprehensive, relevant and updated information online when you are looking to buy a motorhome in France.  But it’s so important to have the best information. Failing to understand the legal process in particular, could leave you with a number of issues that are not inconsequential, with the most serious being a loss of funds. With motorhome travel growing significantly each year, buying a motorhome in France has seen incredible market growth. With market growth comes new opportunities for people to make a quick buck, and not always have the interests of the buyer in mind.

In 2020, the demand of motorhomes also saw a rise in seller fraud. This article is yet another reason for making sure that when buying a motorhome, you do so in a legal way to protect yourself.

Keep reading to ensure that your dream of buying and owning a motorhome in France is done safely and securely.

More and more people are discovering the lure of the open road and are wanting to spend more than a few weeks in France, or in wider Europe. I don’t blame them.  We’ve been hiring motorhomes in France for many years now and we love it.  To buy a motorhome in Europe would be the next obvious step for us too.  

With COVID affecting our ability to travel in 2020 and beyond, many people switched their attention to owning a motorhome, so that they could travel more easily (notwithstanding lockdowns and border closures).

Buying a motorhome

That’s why we’ve put this guide together.  Buying a motorhome in France, or anywhere, is a long-term decision that is not without financial consideration.  It is, therefore,  important to ensure you have the most accurate and up to date information to ensure that the motorhome you buy is done so legally.

Car park at base of Mt Titlis motorhome buying a motorhome in France

In this article, we will give you all the steps of the entire process for buying a motorhome in France or Europe, if you are not a resident of the EU.

  • How to buy a motorhome in France legally
  • Hiring vs buying a motorhome in France
  • Time required to buy a motorhome: from idea through to delivery 
  • Buying new vs used motorhomes in France
  • How to store a motorhome overseas
  • How to sell a motorhome overseas
  • Why we recommend Euro Camping Cars

How do non-EU residents buy a motorhome in France legally? 

Motorhome travellers in the United Kingdom know this travel world well already.  As residents of the UK, they are able to buy their vehicles easily in their home country and cross the channel into France.  From here they can go wherever they like, for as long as they like, notwithstanding budget and relevant immigration requirements.  The same obviously goes for residents of the various European countries.

For would-be motorhome travellers much further afield, the dream of spending months or even years overseas can be rather daunting.  With a huge outlay of funds required to purchase, unknown or difficult local rules, and having to deal with people you don’t know, can often stop that dream not long after it comes to life. 

Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and Americans citizens top the list of travellers who are looking for a simple, streamlined and safe way of purchasing motorhomes overseas.  Some set off for a few months, whilst others have been known to spend three or four years traversing the world.  For many, it’s a trip of a lifetime.

With such a lot at stake: money, relocation, lifestyle the decision to buy a motorhome must not be underestimated.

Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, Americans and South Africans buy more motorhomes in France than any other country

A comprehensive guide for non-EU residents buying a motorhome in France

If you are a non-EU resident looking to buy a motorhome in France, or in Europe, this is the most comprehensive, independent guide you will find on the internet.  This guide gives you accurate information on how to buy a motorhome legally so that when you outlay large sums of money, you can be assured that you are protecting your investment. 

Buying legally means you own the title of the vehicle, which allows you to register and insure the motorhome and sell it when the time comes.   

I have spent a lot of time researching what is available online and through talking to people who have also done their own research, and the internet is littered with misinformation.  Most of the articles suggest upfront, that you should try and find someone in France (or the UK) who can buy the vehicle on your behalf, or do other things like re-direct mail to an international address. 

Whilst these solutions might appear simple enough, when it comes time to register, insure or sell,  most people find they had significant issues on their hands.  The other continual piece of information found online is to buy under a “buy-back” scheme with a broker or rental company.  These schemes are always designed to commercially profit the hiring company or broker, not the purchaser.

motorhome france gorges du verdon

Benefits of buying a motorhome when you don’t live in Europe

  • More cost-effective than hiring for long periods of time
  • Huge range of new and second-hand motorhomes to choose from
  • Freedom to choose the configuration you prefer 
  • Customised to suit your own requirements
  • Can be stocked permanently with all the items you require
  • Perfect for travellers who do not live in Europe
  • Not bound to a hiring timeline.  Motorhomes can be stored in Europe and picked up whenever you want.  
  • Choose your own insurance and roadside assistance company
  • The freedom to go wherever you like for as long as you like
  • Sell whenever you want on your own terms 
  • Saves plenty of “travel” money too.  You can travel as luxuriously or as frugally as you wish

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Challenges when buying a motorhome when you don’t live in Europe

  • Sourcing the motorhome: If you aren’t travelling, this process is done over the phone or via the internet. Pre-purchase inspections are difficult
  • Identifying a reputable dealer
  • Avoiding online scams
  • Purchasing the motorhome in Europe legally
  • Making the purchase
  • Handling large amounts of money for the sale
  • Getting appropriate legal coverage of the purchase
  • Sale process

I took the opportunity recently to speak with Hannah Spurge, former owner of France Motorhome Hire, and someone we have known for many years.  Along with Phill, Hannah’s husband, there’s no-one we trust more when it comes to providing us with information and advice with regards to motorhomes, whether they are to hire or to buy. 

After the successful sale of the business they built up from the ground, these British ex-pats built another business that started as a direct offshoot of their hire business.

Borne out of the need to dispose of their used hire vehicles, Hannah and Phill formed Euro Camping Cars.  Last year, their sales of used and new motorhomes outstripped rentals clearly showing that there is a genuine market for this kind of service.

In early 2020, Phill and Hannah sold Euro Camping Cars to Sandrine and Bruno Schlernitzauer. Both Sandrine and Bruno have motorhome experience, owning a motorhome accessories business, and of course, their own motorhome.

How to buy a motorhome in France as a non-EU resident

For non-European Union residents, the purchase and subsequent insuring of a vehicle by an individual in Europe is not possible.  It’s one of the first risks that a buyer will face.  With the significant outlays required, purchasing legally from a reputable company is paramount.  Hannah explained that “many companies were asking buyers to falsify residency records”.  They were also “offering to keep the vehicle registration and ownership details in their own name, not the buyers”. 

This obviously poses a significant risk to the buyer.  Falsifying records is a major legal risk but paying large sums of money for a vehicle that you don’t have the title for is pure madness.

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Possible issues when you buy from less than reputable dealers

  • Falsifying records can carry significant legal outcomes
  • Inability to insure the vehicle as it was improperly purchased
  • Forced to insure with seller’s provider at excessive premiums
  • Inability to register vehicle due to incorrect process or ownership
  • Inability to sell the vehicle due to incorrect process or ownership
  • Finance risk – large sums of money are transferred prior to ever seeing the vehicle
  • Driving a vehicle that is not legally acquired could render any insurance invalid

Read this list of documents required to prove French residency

Setting up a French company

Euro Camping Cars have established a unique, legally robust process for buying a motorhome in France, after years of research and working with their legal and financial advisors.  Initially, a small French company, called a Societe Civile, is established for the new owners to enable them to purchase.   Owners of the company can be residents from any other country.  Note this process does not require you to become a resident of France, thus you are not going to be in contravention of French rules. 

Purchasing a vehicle via the French company provides the buyer with full ownership (legal title) and registration certificate.  When the buyer is ready to do so, they communicate directly with Euro Camping Car’s French accounting firm.  

The company can be established with as little as two shareholders for a minimum investment of €1.  Phill and Hannah’s English-speaking chartered accountant takes all the hard work out of setting up the company by doing it for you.  The fee for this work plus the associated French authority’s charges comes to €1450.

A domicile address is required as part of the company structure.  This address can be provided by Euro Camping Cars.  As it has nothing to do with French residency, they are able to do this legally.  It is simply a location for official correspondence to be received.

Once the company set up has been finalised, paperwork is issued noting the owner and allowing for registration to occur.  The final registration certificate is the proof of ownership.  The vehicle will be registered in the company name, with the individual purchasers (the owners of the company) having right to the title.

Time to establish a French company

The set up of a French Societe Civile takes approximately one month but is dependent on individual circumstances.

Buying a motorhome in France – New v used

Tip: If you are planning on driving the motorhome mostly in Europe we strongly recommend buying a left-hand drive vehicle.  It will make for an easier driving experience, especially if you are not familiar with driving on the right-hand side of the road.  Buying a left-hand drive vehicle also means that the entry door for the rear of the motorhome is on the correct side.  This means you don’t have to open the door into traffic every time you pull up.

Buying a new motorhome in France

If you don’t like the thought of buying a used motorhome and you have a budget that will withstand a new vehicle cost, buying a new motorhome in France might be the perfect solution for you.

When you are buying new, the options are far broader than buying second hand, and you can make all the key buying decisions yourself.   There are so many brands and models of motorhomes.  From the most basic to the super fancy, there is a vehicle to suit most people’s needs.  If not, there’s always the ability to add accessories to it.  If this is going to be your home for quite some time, it is important to ensure you get everything you want.  Deciding on an automatic transmission or a manual is also a key decision.  

New vehicles offer manufacturer’s warranties and of course you get all the benefits of no one else ever having owned it.  There’s no wear and tear.  For an OCD person like me, this is something that I would consider.  Being able to take ownership of something new appeals to me greatly.  Being new, you also don’t have to make do with the previous owner’s additions.  

The purchase of a new vehicle can take a lot longer than buying a used vehicle.  The preliminary research process will take a while, given the plethora of options to choose from.  The cost of purchasing a new vehicle and new accessories will also be far greater.

Euro Camping Cars are accredited suppliers of Blucamp, Weinsberg and Knaus motorhomes.  These are just some of the examples of a range of motorhomes which are available here.  With so many options available talking to Phill and Hannah and ultimately providing a brief is the best way forward.

Tip: Know your budget.  There are so many bells and whistles that your budget can easily get out of control.  Of course, if budget isn’t an issue, go for it!

blue sky motorhome

Buying a second-hand motorhome in France 

Sourcing the motorhome 

Buying a second-hand motorhome in France won’t set your budget back as much.  You might also benefit from the addition of some cool accessories by previous owners.  Like any used item, it will possibly show some signs of the previous owners enjoying their own time on the road.   Depending on the age of the vehicle there may be little or no manufacturer’s warranty. 

From a lead time perspective, buying a secondhand motorhome allows for delivery to happen more quickly, but your choice of configuration will also be more limited.  There are many options available to someone who wants to buy a used motorhome.

  1. Euro Camping Cars have a good selection of motorhomes in stock at their depot.  This is constantly changing as they sell motorhomes on brokerage for clients who have completed their trips and are now selling their vehicles.  They also have ex-rental and vehicles they take in part-exchange for new sales.
  2. If you can’t find what you want amongst their used fleet, Euro Camping Cars can also source a second-hand motorhome for you.  The starting point is a brief providing detail about the type of motorhome you are interested in. (make, model, configuration).  From here, shortlists and details of potential motorhomes will be made.  Once shortlisted, the buyer will be asked to sign an agreement prior to Euro Camping Cars going to inspect the vehicle.   This will involve a thorough visual and mechanical inspection of the vehicle and a written report.  Of course, all of this process comes with high level, ongoing communication via phone and email.  Once the buyer has agreed on a vehicle, an agreement to purchase will be made with the person selling the motorhome and funds can be transferred.

Note:  For the purchase of a motorhome being sold on a brokerage or sourced basis, the payment is transferred to the seller’s bank account, not that of Euro Camping Cars.  

Once the funds have cleared, your new vehicle will be picked up and stored at the depot awaiting your collection.

Tip: Buying a used motorhome with no warranty could increase your chance of mechanical issues or add pressure on your budget for maintenance and repairs.  Be sure to factor this into your decision.  If you are handy with the tools, this could decrease the risk, otherwise, time and money spent at the mechanics could add up.

Inspecting and purchasing a motorhome

If you have already located a motorhome through another source but you need someone to inspect it, Euro Camping Cars also offer this service.  It operates exactly like the process outlined above, minus the actual sourcing of the vehicle.  When buying a second-hand motorhome, it is strongly suggested to buy from a well-known and reputable dealer

This not only protects you with warranties but also when exchanging money.  Most people who sell motorhomes privately want a bank cheque or bank transfer. If you are not a French resident, you won’t be able to get a bank cheque.  I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be so keen transferring tens of thousands of Euros into a personal, unknown bank account either!

Costs to buy a motorhome in France

Unlike hiring a motorhome, the budget involved in buying a motorhome in France is considerable.  As such, understanding all of the potential costs, and the quantum is extremely important.  No one wants hidden surprises at the time of pickup, or at time of disposal.  Understanding ongoing running costs is also important for budgeting.

There is full transparency around pricing when you work with Euro Camping Cars.  They know every possible cost you are likely to encounter as it relates to vehicle ownership.  It’s not just all about the purchase price.  Insurance, registration, maintenance, running costs, depreciation and even selling costs are just some of the indicative costs you will face. 

With a strong understanding of a range of motorhome manufacturers and models, they can guide potential owners in a more specific, less generic manner.  There is obviously a cost with the set up of the company structure as well, but all of this, plus any other costs are explained in full detail, ensuring there are no surprises to a new owner.

Must read: Costs associated with buying a motorhome in France

Storage of motorhome in France

Euro Camping Cars have a large depot where they also provide a storage service for motorhome owners.  There are options to store undercover or externally, without cover.  Rates for storage depends on the option taken.  Here they take good care of your investment, which also includes “winterising” in preparation for the colder months.

Selling a motorhome in France

The internet is full of sell and buy back lease and buy arrangements. Whilst we have explored these options in the past for normal vehicles, we have always opted away from such a scheme simply because they always felt like we would be ripped off.  Or, at least commercially disadvantaged.  

Euro Camping Cars do not offer such a buy and sell scheme.  Many motorhome owners choose to sell their vehicles themselves, through whatever means they feel appropriate.  If owners have the time, inclination and skill to do this, it’s a perfect option for them.  For those who would prefer to keep the amazing memories of their trip in a motorhome at the forefront of their mind, and not get potentially bogged down in the sale process, Euro Camping Cars can manage this. 

For a fee of 8% plus tax, they will take the motorhome off the buyers’ hands, storing it whilst seeking a buyer.  The brokerage commission they receive upon sale provides the incentive to them to get the best possible commercial price.

When you are on the road, there are plenty of opportunities to find a buyer for your vehicle when you are ready to sell.  However, if going through all the selling process is not of interest to you, you can hand the buyer over to Euro Camping Cars for them to finalise the sales process.  This in-between option attracts a commission of 6% plus tax.

Note: Motorhomes attract a much lower depreciation rate than general vehicles

hard stand motorhome spot

The ultimate question: Should I buy or hire a motorhome?

So when does it make sense to buy a motorhome vs hiring a motorhome?  There are so many different factors that can impact such a decision.  Some of them are tangible, whilst others might be more qualitative and feelings based.  From her knowledge of both the hiring and buying motorhome business, Hannah suggests “it’s usually around the four-month mark where it tips in the favour of buying”.  The season/time of the year will greatly influence this.  Hiring in the peak summer months is infinitely more expensive than doing so after October.  

Hannah also notes that sometimes people just aren’t cut out to be owners of a motorhome.  Whilst we all agree that taking a motorhome to the roads of France and beyond is pure freedom, sometimes it’s just easier to have someone else own and maintain the motorhome.  Sometimes, even though the financial analysis might stack up to support a purchase, the thought of owning an expensive asset that isn’t within your sight doesn’t suit some people’s risk profile.  

The great thing is that they are usually able to gauge this when talking with potential buyers and are able to guide and provide advice to ensure that ultimately, the buyer is as comfortable as possible with their decision.  Even if that is not to buy in the end.  Given their connection to France Motorhome Hire, and their co-location in the depot, they are also able to tic-tac with the operations team there. 

If a potential buyer is a little unsure about buying a motorhome because they haven’t driven one before, they’ll suggest they head over to FMH and hire one for a few weeks.  It’s the perfect way of road testing your future asset.

The ability to store your motorhome at the Euro Camping Cars depot greatly supports those who want to travel numerous times a year, but perhaps not all at once.  Some travellers might come out for six months of the year, storing it for the remaining six.  Others might come several times a year.  With easy access to the depot from Charles de Gaulle Airport and Paris central, it’s a great value-add to your investment.

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Why buy a motorhome from Euro Camping Cars?

Sandrine and Bruno know motorhomes and have been involved in this business for many years. This business, built by Hannah and Phill Spurge. has developed a reputation as a leader in the motorhome industry.  Sandrine and Bruno are now continuing this legacy, providing their experience and knowledge to focus solely on their niche business of assisting non-EU residents to buy a motorhome in France.  In doing so, they have also become locals in this area of France. 

Sandrine and Bruno have lived and worked in France for a very long time.  They are hands-on owners and operators.  They are not a faceless, online portal or a dodgy dealership.  They have owned and operated a motorhome accessories and repairs business since 2013.

They are also able to speak English and have English speaking staff which means they are able to provide the comfort that many of their potential buyers need.  People who might be anxious about communicating in French, or another language, are put at ease immediately. 

There’s no emotion in the buying process for them, therefore enabling them to provide potential buyers with the impartial view they require to support their investment.  It’s why people like us keep going back to them over and over again.

They understand that making the decision to buy a motorhome in France is a big one.  They are therefore able to provide any potential buyer with references to give them added security and peace of mind.  

roadside stop motorhome france 2017

Customer testimonials

So you’ve heard it from us about how to buy a motorhome in France, or in Europe.  you also know the process for doing so, legally.  But nothing supports information better than to hear it directly from those who have been there, done that. 

Geoff and Carolyn – New Zealand: Used motorhome purchase

Geoff and Carolyn from New Zealand know this process well.  We spoke to these keen motorhome travellers to understand more about how, as two New Zealanders, they were able to safely purchase a motorhome in France.

“I found them on the internet in late 2015 after spending a lot of time researching what options we had in trying to own a motorhome in Europe without being an EU citizen.”

Why did you decide to buy a motorhome? 

“We have been to Europe a few times hiring a car, travelling around and staying at hotels and I was always keen on the idea of retiring early, buying a motorhome and travelling around Europe.  In 2015 we had the opportunity to spend three months in Europe so we hired a motorhome for two of the months and had a great time.  This trip really cemented the idea of owning a motorhome in Europe and spending two or three months every year in Europe.

In 2018 both Carolyn and I set up our own business which would allow us to take two to three months off each year, so the first step could be ticked off.  We did originally plan to buy new but not do it until 2021 when I would be 55 years old.  As I am not the most patient person, I thought about bringing that forward to 2020 as “you only live once”. 

In May 2019 we asked Phill and Hannah to start looking at the price of new ones for the 2020 season, which they did. They then mentioned that they had a 2015 second-hand one which had the exact same specifications that we were looking at.  It was in great condition and about 60% of the price of a new one, so we decided to purchase that.

We organised the paperwork with Hannah’s help and 5 weeks later we landed in Paris to take possession and for a quick 3-week tour. We then dropped it back to Phill and Hannah to be stored undercover until May 2020.”

geoff and carolyn motorhome
Geoff and Carolyn with their proud purchase. Image supplied by Geoff.

How did you find Euro Camping Cars?

“I found them on the internet in late 2015 after spending a lot of time researching what options we had in trying to own a motorhome in Europe without being an EU citizen. I tried to find friends who lived there or distant relatives whose address I could use to register the motorhome, but all the research said that trying to do that was risky if you ever needed to make an insurance claim.  It was a very happy day when I came across the Euro Camping Cars website and I thought I had finally found a solution to what I was trying to achieve.”

Why did you decide to use them?

“In 2017 we were heading to France so I decided that we should call in and visit Phill and Hannah and check them out. I am a little old fashioned and I like to meet people that I am going to do business with.  The visit was great and gave me a great deal of comfort that what they said could happen would happen.  The testimonials from other Kiwis always gave us the comfort that when we wanted to proceed, Euro Camping Cars was the firm we were going to use.”

What were your key critical decision-making processes?

“We wanted to be sure that we had insurance as we had an incident when we hired the motorhome in 2015.  You need full insurance.  Also, I wanted them to be able to store it for me undercover for the first few years. We are looking at using this motorhome each year for the next ten years at least so keeping it in good condition is important.”

What did you think about the whole process?

“Excellent. It went as smooth as it says on their website.  We completed all ours in 5 weeks.  You do need to follow the instructions and complete your forms correctly and in a timely fashion to achieve a 5-week turnaround.”

Would you recommend this process to others?

“Absolutely.  If you want to own a motorhome in Europe and either travel for a year or do what we are doing,  I believe it is the only way to go.  We have ours all set up with E-bikes on the back ready for us for our next adventure in 2020 for 6 weeks.  We have the joy now of mapping out our 2020 adventure knowing that it’s sitting there ready to go.”

Anything you didn’t expect?

“Getting to Phill and Hannah’s place was pretty easy.  On arrival, we stayed the night in Paris near the Bercy station and then caught a 1-hour train to Sens.  A quick taxi ride and then we were there.”

geoff and carolyn on the road
Enjoying the motorhome life in France. Image supplied by Geoff.

Denise and Peter – New Zealand: New motorhome purchase

“Paying in full for a motorhome that is sight unseen relies on complete trust in the company you are dealing with, and Euro Camping Cars has earned our trust.”

Why did you decide to buy a motorhome?

“We’ve rented a motorhome from either Germany or Spain annually for 4-6 weeks for the past 6 years, so had a reasonable amount of experience with motorhoming in Europe, and have also motorhomed in Australia, South America, Canada and the USA.

We decided to explore the possibilities of owning our own to give us more flexibility (ie start and finish dates that suited us) as we wanted to increase the travel time to 9 weeks this year and longer in the future. We found it increasingly difficult to have a decent choice of motorhomes for our preferred rental period (eg trying to rent in Germany for this years holiday yielded a choice of 2 motorhomes for our dates from our preferred rental company).

Coming to Europe from NZ is a bit tricky in terms of lining up air travel with a rental period to avoid costly hotels and disruption at either end.  The cost of renting has increased significantly over the past 2-3 years also. When Peter suggested buying a couple of years ago, I was the resistant party and needed a lot of convincing (cost/risk/storage etc).

We first made contact with Euro Camping Cars in August last year, and made the deposit in early February 2019 for our intended holiday starting mid-June.”

Why did you buy a new motorhome?

“There were three main reasons.

1. Buying new means having a two-year mechanical warranty. Several years ago we rented a near-new motorhome which developed a steering rack failure in Italy. Although this caused disruption to our holiday, the part was replaced by Fiat under the warranty. Our feeling is that rental motorhomes can get a bit of a rough life.  If it was ours we would know there would be no pre-existing damage.
2. The price differential between new and used motorhomes wasn’t enough to encourage us to go down the used route. Motorhomes seem to hold their value quite well.
3. Buying new allowed us to own a motorhome that met our needs – a decent bathroom layout, a garage large enough for a scooter and a wardrobe for storage. We did look at several motorhomes that Euro Camping Cars were selling, but none met our requirements.”


How did you find Euro Camping Cars?

“Peter is an avid internet researcher, blog browser and travel planner, (he read your blog before this years trip!) and his research into buying a motorhome in Europe yielded 3 choices – one each in Germany and Holland, and at Euro Camping Cars. He found a blog written by a Kiwi couple who had brought from Euro Camping Cars, who outlined their positive experience.”

Why did you decide to use Euro Camping Cars?

“The company in Holland actually owned the van, and the German option seemed a bit hazy as to who actually owned the van (the company or us). Euro Camping Cars seemed to be the only company that had sorted out the legalities around purchase/ownership/insurance, and also offered storage.

The Euro Camping Cars web site had testimonials from some Kiwis and Australians who described their experience with them. We then checked the travel blogs of these people to ensure they were legitimate and credible testimonials.

We were a little wary of doing business transactions in France, being aware of the crazy bureaucracy and other difficulties from our daughter who lived in Paris recently.  On contacting Euro Camping Cars, we found them to be very responsive, helpful and English-speaking and so we proceeded.

What were your key decision points?

“The decision around which make/model of motorhome we should buy took some time. On line searches located a BluCamp model that had our preferred features. Euro Camping Cars has a choice of 3 brands of new motorhomes to choose from. Peter had a discussion with Phill about reliability which was helpful and confirmed our decision.

After contacting the manufacturer, Phill told us the factory had just one of our model of BluCamp motorhomes available so that spurred us on.  Being able to have telephone conversations with them was very helpful when you are taking a leap of faith from the other side of the world.”

How did you find the buying process?

“The actual process of purchasing our motorhome was relatively simple. A phone call confirmed the factory price, and we then had a short time to make a final decision as there was only one of our motorhomes available, with a delay for further vehicles to be produced.

Once we confirmed with Euro Camping Cars, a contract to purchase was received by us within days, followed by the documents necessary for formation of a company in France and for insurance. Multiple documents were printed and completed by us, then sent via registered courier back to France.

There was some difficulty when the accountant misspelt my middle name on the company document. Six weeks passed with no progress, despite emails to him. By great luck, Peter had employed a young Frenchman who was able to call the accountant for us and sort out the problem.”

Would you recommend Euro Camping Cars to others?

“Yes, we would recommend Euro Camping Cars. Hannah and Phill obviously know the whole system very well. An important aspect for us was being able to telephone them with any questions (thanks Hannah!), this was extremely reassuring for us.

Bonuses with ownership

“Motorhome ownership has allowed us to feel more secure when travelling as we were able to increase the security of our motorhome with an alarm and extra locks installed on the side entry door and both garage doors. After being broken into twice in Southern Italy a couple of years ago this was important to us.

Also we felt a change in attitude towards slower travel. Perhaps not having a daily rental charge has encouraged us to not try to cover larger distances.

Ownership has also allowed us to enjoy some extras: better lightweight bikes (previously we sold them for next to nothing at the end of each holiday so only ever brought basic bikes), a scooter, a solar panel and inverter (great for charging devices), inflatable kayak, better bathroom facilities and decent pillows.”


Points to note

“Don’t underestimate the time (and cost) it takes to set up a brand new motorhome which has nothing inside. We spent 2-3 days fitting our scooter ramp and outfitting the motorhome. Doing this in a non-English speaking environment can be challenging at times.

Access to a French speaker to deal with any glitches that occur with the company formation and negotiating with the insurance company was invaluable. We were very lucky to have one on hand, but Euro Camping Cars have people who can do this for a fee.

Allow plenty of time to complete the process, it’s very difficult to rush the French system and they move pretty slowly at times.

When negotiating insurance rates, a letter from our NZ insurance company stating our no-claim status of 9 years helped to lower the premium by 50%. We had to shop around a little for scooter insurance after an astronomical quote from one company.

Making payments: We paid the deposit by credit card (we needed to do this quickly to secure the motorhome), but subsequent payments were made using Transferwise.

This is an online bank that offers much better exchange rates than that offered by the main banks. It’s free to join and secure. Due to money laundering rules, the time for payments to be transferred can vary. Our first two payments were transferred overnight, but the final payment took one week. Motorhome payments need to be completed before pickup, so allow enough time for this to be processed.”

We use Transferwise borderless accounts here at Beer and Croissants too. Read more about it here.


How to start the process of buying a motorhome in France?

To streamline your pocess and give you a solid e-introduction, we can put you in touch directly with Euro Camping Cars.  Just send us an email found here.  Alternatively, you can contact them through their website.  Please tell them we sent you 🙂

When is the best time to buy a motorhome in France?

As soon as you are able! There is a lead time in setting up the French company and sourcing the motorhome, depending on your requirements. Manufacturer lead times, availability of stock, time of year and many other factors all influence the timing.  The sooner you can make your decision and get the ball rolling, the better. At the moment, ythe halting of manufacturing and other COVID-related issues has impacted the production and delivery times of new motorhomes.

Where is Euro Camping Cars?

The Euro Camping Cars depot is located in Veron in the Bourgogne (Burgundy) region of France.  It is approximately one and a half hours south of Paris.  

Address: 10 Promenade de l’Ouest, Véron, 89510, France.  Veron is seven kilometres from the larger town of Sens.

The location outside of Paris allows for all the essential parts of inspection, meetings, pickup and drop off much easier.  There are no major (and very busy) roads to navigate out of one of the world’s largest cities.   Instead, you’ll find a small country village, where there’s no need to rush and plenty of space. 

Within several kilometres of the depot, you’ll find a major supermarket, full of everything you will need to stock up your motorhome for the first time, along with other retail stores and petrol stations.  There are also several campsites and Aires nearby, providing close access to a safe overnight location for your first night.

How to get to Euro Camping Cars

Depending on your timing, your budget and your need for convenience, there are several ways of reaching the depot.

For those who want to arrive in luxury and as quickly as possible, a private, chauffeured vehicle service is available.  It operates from CDG, Paris Orly and Gare de Nord (Eurostar) and will take you directly to the depot.

Catching a train from Paris to Sens is easy.  From Gare de Lyon, trains leave frequently.  From Gare de Bercy, the express train is available.  A pickup service is available from the Sens train station to the depot.  


This is the complete guide to buying a motorhome in France if you are not an EU resident.  Don’t get caught with operators who aren’t reputable and who don’t place you and your financial situation first.  Australians, New Zealanders, Canadian, Americans and South Africans are leading the charge when it comes to foreign ownership of motorhomes and are welcoming being able to join in the slow travel movement in Europe. 

If you are planning on outlaying huge sums of money, and you want the vehicle of your choice, look no further than Euro Camping Cars….and tell them we sent you!  See our special offer below.

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This is not a sponsored post.  I am not being paid to write it.  The owners of Euro Camping Cars did not ask me to write this article.  We have a long-standing relationship with the owners through hiring from them.  We recommend them because they are experts at what they do, are professional and honest,  and they treat their customers well.  That’s enough in our books to support a small business.  

22 thoughts on “How to buy a motorhome in France (legally) | A detailed guide for Non-EU residents”

  1. Great write up. Thinking to purchase LHD used motorhome to travel all EU..Balkan..Russia and middle asia. Looking for assistant to purchase reasonable price motorhome.

    I am NON EU Resident

  2. Great article. We bought a new Blucamp Sky 25S from Phill and Hannah in 2017 and have been full-time in Europe every since. We love “Betsy” and our nomadic lifestyle. We highly recommend Euro Camping Cars and the service they offer. I haven’t seen any other system for non-Europeans to legally own a motorhome in Europe.

  3. Hi Alan and thank you very much for your comments. Betsy sounds like she is allowing you to live a fantastic life in Europe, something we aspire to. I agree about Euro Camping Car’s service, there is definitely nothing like it.

  4. This article was so helpful and thorough. We are considering buying. Does anyone have experience with the new owners of Euro Camping cars?

  5. Hi Joan, thank you very much. Because of COVID, and as the business has only just been sold, we have been unable to personally meet the new owners. However, we have worked with Phill and Hannah the previous owners (as both the owners firstly of France Motorhome Hire and then Euro Camping Cars). They have a strong reputation both with us and within the motorhome industry and I know they would not have sold this business that they have built up from nothing to anyone they felt would not continue their brand and customer values. The fact that both Bruno and Sandrine have owned a motorhome accessories business, and run other successful businesses in France means that they know how to run a good business and work with clients. Sandrine also speaks good English, something that is important for non French-speaking clients. If it was me, I’d be happy to give these guys a go, knowing that they are using the solid base of the process that Phill and Hannah have established to ensure that we would be buying a motorhome legally. Please do mention us to Bruno and Sandrine if you touch base with them. Thanks so much Joan, Kerri.

  6. Hello! We are planning to purchase through Euro Camping Cars in the spring of 2021. I’ve tried to contact them through their website, but got no response. Can you help?

    We are americans living in Ecuador; early retired. We didn’t think touring Europe was possible long-term until we came across this and other articles mentioning the French Corporation scheme. We are definitely interested in beginning the conversation with the new owners.

    Ruth and Paul

  7. We are an Arab (Saudi) family of (8 people and a baby). We plan to rent a caravan suitable for us to travel around Europe (Austria – Holland – Switzerland – Germany – Italy – France + Britain) for a period of approximately 5 weeks.

    Note that this is the first time that I drive a caravan, and I would like to know the permitted places to stand and stay in the caravan in all countries.

    How much is the rental price with insurance and GPS.

    And if there is more information, please send it to me via e-mail.

    Thank you & best regards.

  8. have tried to reach Hannah with no luck?? they seem to have disappeared and the response from EEC is now spotty at best. Can you help us reconnect with Hannah and Phil??

  9. I see from the comments that the business was sold – new owners Bruno and Sandrine, I was prepared to go forward with investigating the purchase of one of their campervans. However I do not want to invest time, energy – and hope if the business is not operating because of COVID. It was a bit alarming to read the comments about difficulty in reaching the new owners. Do you know the status of the business and have the new owners resolved any problems relative to communications?

  10. Hi Kerri,
    I sent email with your referral code BEER01 try to connect with ECC but no reply. Please ask ECC to get in touch with me.

    Thanks a lot!

  11. Hello, Kerri – I just came upon your website when I typed in the name of Hannah Spurge. I contacted her several years ago when my husband and I were hoping to travel to Europe, and we thought about buying a motorhome. We ended up not going on that trip and then COVID came along, and when I looked again, I saw that they had sold the company. Unfortunately, I do not speak French even though I have a very French name. But I was able to speak with Sandrine at ECC after I had sent several emails and called several times. Eventually, a different person responded with a very short email and very little information. My husband and I plan on going to France next spring around the end of April, but I feel I need to make the arrangements in the near future. We have found the motorhome that we want to buy. It is a Chausson 640 Titanium Premium. I also called the Chausson dealer in Sens where ECC is now located, but no one there spoke English either. I am getting frustrated due to the lack of forward progress. Do you have any suggestions on how to proceed? Thank you, Michele

  12. I sent an email in May 2021, heard back Aug 2021. (they have moved and said it was very difficult) I had already put things on hold so it wasn’t a big deal to us. I have just sent another email with tons of questions and am waiting a reply.
    In the meantime, I have been searching for info on VAT. After touring Europe for a couple of years, we are possibly interested in shipping the vehicle to either Halifax or tip of South America, and registering it in the USA at some point. I read you can get VAT back within 4 years. Are you aware of anyone who has done this? Is it even possible? Also, do you think we could use their registration services and purchase a different brand, like Hymer?
    Great Information! Thanks

  13. HI Troi

    Great to hear all of that. I’m not experienced with VAT at all so that’s probably a question for Sandrine. Check with them also if they can source you a Hymer.

  14. Hi
    I have reached out to EuroCampingCars by email twice now with no reply which is a bit alarming.

    Is the business still trading as it was previously?



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