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RV hire USA (for hirers and RV owners)

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Driving around the USA in an RV is just one of those things you need to do at least once in your life.  Whilst there are many different hiring companies available in all of the states, we recommend one company who has coverage across them all.

RVShare is a unique business that allows both owners and renters of RVs to conduct business all via one universal online market place.

Here, people who own RVs and are wanting to make money from them when they aren’t in use can advertise them on the RVShare website.  That’s right, listing your RV for rent as an owner is a big thing in the USA.  It’s a great way of making money in their downtime.

Alternatively, travellers who want to rent an RV for their holiday, or to try them out before purchasing one, can do so at rates much lower than the standard hiring costs.

We also love them because you can rent pet-friendly RVs too.

Beer and Croissants are well-respected members of the motorhome and campervan community.  We have travelled widely throughout Australia, New Zealand and Western and Eastern Europe.  We own a Volkswagon Transporter 1998 model in Australia and we hire large motorhomes when abroad.

We have extensive experience in hiring and driving motorhomes in Europe and have written extensively about our itineraries on this website.  We also provide sound, detailed advice to prospective new road trippers as well.

As such, we have built strong relationships with many companies that we have hired motorhomes from.  Any company that is featured on our website comes recommended by us.

You can read more about the RVShare process here.

If you need more information about planning a motorhome trip, we’ve got plenty of articles to help you out.  As experienced motorhomers, we’ve got plenty of tips and advice to make sure your trip is a smooth one.  Read our articles on motorhome advice and road trip planning.

Please note:  Beer and Croissants tries to provide you with accurate information at the time of writing but makes no representations or provides any warranty or coverage of liability for bookings made with RVShare or any other hiring company.


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