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The Beer and Croissants newsletter and your privacy

Our newsletter is completely free, with no obligation to do anything with it, other than, hopefully, read it as it relates to or interests you.  It contains our travel stories,  tips and advice, based on our travels, that we hope will inspire you to travel too.

We’d love for you to join us.

You can sign up for our newsletter by clicking here

The great thing is that we will never spam you, never sell your personal details, and you can change your mind at any time.  Each email that you will receive contains a simple, easy to execute unsubscribe link.  We also have a double opt-in subscribe process, meaning you will get a couple of emails upfront, just to make sure it was indeed you who emailed us.

Read more about our disclosure and privacy policies.

What you can expect from Beer and Croissants

I’m sure you hate it as much as I do to get hit with heaps of emails as soon as you’ve signed up for something online.  That’s why at Beer and Croissants, we don’t treat you like that.  We have a process that works for our readers, and we stick to it.

The newsletter is sent bi-weekly on a Friday as a general rule, giving a summary of all articles posted during the previous two weeks.  Sometimes they will also include other tips and advice that I’ve found to be of interest to the travelling community and so I’ll share these with you as well.

If I’ve written articles for other websites, based on my own travels, I’ll also let you know where you can find them, so that you can check them out too if you wish.   The newsletter may also contain some affiliate links.  They will always be related to a product or service I recommend and that is specifically related to our travel.  If you purchase something using one of these links, I may make a small commission, but will not cost you any more.

You can be certain of the following:

The personal data (ie your name and email address) that you use to sign up to my newsletter will never be shared with anyone else.  I only ask for a first name and an email address.  I could do without your name, to be honest, but I like to be able to send your newsletter out with a personal salutation.  It feels so much nicer than “Dear x”.

These details will never be shared with Beer and Croissants travel partners either.

Beer and Croissants will only ever send one email every second week.  On occasion, when I’m travelling a lot, you might get none.  There will never be more though.

On an ongoing basis, we use social media platforms, specifically Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the sharing of information.


We will never spam your inbox, sell your data or use it for any other purpose other than to send the Beer and Croissants newsletter.  When you subscribe to the Beer and Croissants website you know what you are signing up for.

Similarly, if you decide that the time has come to no longer receive the newsletter, then we also respect your wishes to unsubscribe.  Unsubscribing is also very easy to do.  I hate not being able to unsubscribe and it drives me insane if I have to spend longer than a few seconds to do so.  This is why we make it very easy and there’s a clear and easy to use unsubscribe option at the bottom of every newsletter email.

If you have any other specific questions about your personal data, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  If you do email me directly, then I will, of course, respond back to you.

1. Why do you ask for my name and my email address?

As I said earlier, I want to send a more personalised email, which is why the name field is a mandatory one. You can choose to write any name you like, but whatever you write is how the email newsletter will be addressed to you.

2. Will you use my email to send me emails that sell things all the time or information not related to travel?

No, we won’t.  We sometimes include affiliate links in the emails but it’s usually just for things such as hotels, tours or flights.  They are really just there as a convenient link and there’s definitely no hard sell.  Many of our articles contain affiliate links but this is also covered in our disclosure document.

We won’t ever be covert about selling, won’t try to trick you and won’t be pushy either.  Our focus is on bringing you interesting and accurate information on the places we travel.  Like anyone, we will have preferences for products and services and may mention these throughout our articles.

If you are reading these articles, you will most likely see them, but there’s no pressure and never will be to buy anything.  If you do, there’s no additional cost to you.

4. Where does my email address get saved?

By subscribing to the Beer and Croissants newsletter, your email address will be added to a list in MailChimp, a provider of email newsletter subscriptions.

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