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The best restaurant in Mykonos: Bill + Coo

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Sunset over the best restaurant in Mykonos - Bill and Coo

By Kerri McConnel
Updated 15 May 2019

The best restaurant in Mykonos

Our experience at the beautiful Bill + Coo restaurant in Mykonos on the Greek Islands will be hard to beat for some time to come and even then, I’m not sure that we will find anything to surpass it!  It was definitely the best restaurant in Mykonos.

We were lucky enough to receive a tip from a colleague before we left Australia, so we had already booked our table well in advance. We were ever so grateful for this tip because otherwise, I doubt we would have ventured there ourselves.

Why do you ask? Well, a quick glance at the Bill + Coo Suites website presents you with photo after photo of stunning accommodation, with views to die for….at a price that I am sure only European royalty and owners of movie studios and very large yachts could afford :)

So it went without saying that the restaurant attached to this special location was going to be (more than likely) equally outrageous on the credit card! We couldn’t have been more wrong.

We realised the Greek Gods were smiling down on us also when we found that our hotel was a mere walk away from Bill + Coo. We did, however, have to go “off road” so I would’ve looked hilarious all dressed up, climbing through a bit of broken rock wall, stepping down the hill over rocks and dirt, and then stopping at the entrance to this flashy hotel, to change shoes and put my heels on!

Everything on the Greek Islands revolves around sunset, or at least it should! I don’t believe there is a reason in the world why each and every sunset on the island shouldn’t be enjoyed, preferably with a drink in your hand. Watching the sun set over the water is truly incredible.

We arrived at the restaurant at 7.30pm in time for the 8 pm sunset, and just in time to allow us to partake in a couple of special cocktails from the bar. After perusing the wine list that had been specially prepared by the sommelier, we gave the 120 Euro glass of champers a miss and settled in with a more digestible 17 Euro caramel and passionfruit cocktail and some Italian prosecco.

The VIP treatment

From the moment we arrived, we were treated like VIPs. At the bar, we were given an appetiser of cuttlefish ink ice-cream cones with parmesan sorbet, to whet our appetite for what was to come. Everything about this restaurant is an experience.

The caramel passionfruit cocktail was to die for, as was the gorgeous location we had for watching the sun set on yet another fabulous day on Mykonos.

having a cocktail and Bill and Coo the best restaurant in Mykonos
Drinking the intensely flavoured caramel and passionfruit cocktail
Cuttlefish ice cream cone with parmesan sorbet at best restaurant in Mykonos
Cuttlefish ice cream cone with parmesan sorbet

Stunning sunsets

sunsets at the best restaurant in mykonos bill and coo

When we were ready for dinner, we were seated at a table at the rear of the restaurant, looking out towards the ocean that continued to glow long after the sun had gone down.

The view over the Mediterranean from our table
The view over the Mediterranean from our table

And so the food journey begins

We started our amazing dining journey with a complimentary Amuse Bouche.  Little trees that were cleverly disguising meatballs, a pea puree on a spinach leaf and squid ink balls, served alongside olive oil butter and freshly made bread.

The complimentary Amuse Bouche
The complimentary Amuse Bouche to start us off

With a glass of Riesling in our hands, we finally got around to looking at the menu and making the difficult decision of choosing a three-course meal from the menu.

I’ll now let the photos of all this wonderful food do the talking.  Suffice to say, it was all incredible.

 Bill and Coo
Entree: The “Sea Urchin of Delos” Greek style pasta, lemon confit, ouzo, sea urchin eggs and garlic
Entree at the best restaurant in Mykonos Bill and Coo
Entree: ” Cherry Tomatoes” – Goats cheese croquette, caper jelly, waterless cherry tomatoes and thyme
great food at bill and coo
Main: “Basques Red Mullet” – Red mullet with roasted crunchy scales of artichoke and dark rosemary sauce
Main meal at Bill and Coo the best restaurant in Mykonos
Main: “Pork Belly with signature BBQ sauce” – Slow cooked pork belly , pop pork, carrot, pickled fruits, and chef’s style BBQ sauce.
Dessert at the best restaurant in Mykonos
Dessert: “Citrus Tree infusions with parsley and ouzo” – juices from citrus trees, ouzo gel and parsley gel.
dessert bill and coo
Dessert: “Snow Ball” – greek yoghurt sorbet, cherries and chocolate
best restaurant in Mykonos Bill and Coo
Raspberry sorbet palate cleansers made in lipstick containers. I’ve never seen this before anywhere.
Petit fours: Macarons, praline, salted caramels

Definitely the best restaurant in Mykonos

From the view to the food, to the service, the entire experience here at Bill + Coo was magical and mystical.  Each plate cleverly and deliberately took us on a special journey.  I think I would call it “food theatre”.

Alongside the infinity pool, complete with its own shining stars rising up from the bottom, we ate and drank until it was nearly midnight, and finally time to call it quits and rejuvenate ourselves for the next day of exploring the island.

Best restaurrant in Mykonons - Bill and Coo
When you can no longer see the ocean view, the infinity pool makes up for it.


Staying at Bill + Coo

Not only is the restaurant luxurious but so too are the suites.  They are perfect for a special occasion.  Check them out on Trip Advisor.

Bill and Coo - the best restaurant in Mykonos

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