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Every day, potential travellers from all over the world read our travel articles and pore over our beautiful images as a source of travel inspiration.  Keen to choose their own travel destinations and create their own travel itineraries, they use our comprehensive travel guides, tips and advice to assist their decision making.

As they are reading, thinking and deciding about how to travel, they reach out to us via email or comments at the bottom of the articles, seeking answers to more detailed questions.  They also write to tell us how our own trips inspired them, in turn, to travel.  Our motorhome readers are extremely engaged, writing to us often to share their own experiences and to ask for our expert advice.

Each email and every comment is treasured by us and we will always reply to all genuine communication.  Many of our readers turn into long-term correspondents and join us on our Facebook pages, Beer and Croissants and Motorhoming in France.

Here is a small selection of some of the comments, reviews and emails we have received from our readers.

Thank you for staying at Outrigger Fiji, and for writing this guide. We followed your lead and LOVED it. We booked for 5 nights to celebrate our wedding anniversary and were made to feel so special and wrapped in Fiji love & hospitality the entire time. From our arrival at the airport when we were met by our driver for a private transfer to the resort, to the welcome we received on check-in and assistance with our luggage when settling into our room and then welcome champagne & canapes on this first night, we couldn’t ask for anything more.

Coral Planting was a unique and wonderful experience. One of our group commented that she felt she was leaving a piece of herself in the reef of Fiji by contributing to help rejuvenate it. The staff were wonderful and so friendly, with INCREDIBLE memories. Staff we met on the first night remembered our names several days later and greeted us warmly, remembered what we were celebrating and really made us feel special.

Yes, there is an element of “Fiji Time”, but when you’re on holiday that doesn’t really matter, just relax & enjoy. We laughed a lot, really relaxed and made friends with other guests during our stay.

A wonderful holiday that I would recommend to all my family & friends. Can’t wait to book a big extended family trip, as there are plenty of activities for the kids and teenagers to keep them occupied while we relax in the adults-only pool and swim-up bar (smile).


Thank you for sharing your adventures in Narbonne! I am a wine buyer about to embark on a buying trip to the Languedoc, and from what I can tell, Narbonne looks like a lovely and central location to make my headquarters.  Your blog post is very helpful.  Enjoy your adventure- to the good life!


Having just booked a trip on Spirit of Scotland for the end of April next year to celebrate my husband’s birthday, we found your article extremely interesting & useful.  We have previously spent a week on the Canal du Midi in Southern France on European Waterways barge, Enchante, which was superb. We, therefore, had no worries about using this company again. That said, your inside information on this particular barge has already enhanced our future experience.  Thank you so much for your insight.


You have no idea how helpful this has been in planning our next adventure!! I do have a couple of quick questions if you don’t mind sharing. First, I have registered on the site and found the stops we would like to make. Though I notice there really isn’t any booking or reservation options on the spots I had chosen. Is it first come first serve? I worry about arriving at a destination and not being any availability. Also, we will need to have facilities to reload on water and empty waste along the way. Do you know if the other camping parks are open to you using their facilities briefly for a fee? Thank you so much for your time!!!


Hi Kerri,

I’m just wondering if you’ve ever used Anywhere Campers? I’m particularly keen on a one-way hire from Rome to Paris over 10 days but I’ve started to read a few reviews that are not very comforting. We’re leaving Oz in September, so a little time up our sleeve. Would you mind emailing me if you have the time, please?

Loved reading your articles, thank you so much.


What a superb overview of places to go and see. We visited many years ago in our motorhome and thought it about time to return and so we had already booked our 72hour pass. We’re staying on a peniche near the cite de vin and the tramline but your recommendations are invaluable. Thank you very much.


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