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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is an essential part of travel planning and a must buy for anyone travelling overseas.  External factors outside of your control are always possible when you are travelling, irrespective of country of origin, age, health or even whether you’ve never needed coverage before.

It should be purchased the moment you start making travel plans and pay for your first travel items to ensure you have adequate coverage.

Buying travel insurance isn’t a simple task.  It requires a comprehensive review of all the policies available on the market, in conjunction with your own personal circumstances.  There are many general inclusions in a standard policy but there are also many exclusions and it is important to know them all.

Our comprehensive guides provide you with all of the information you need to start investigating the appropriate level of cover for your travel requirements.

We use Travel Insurance Direct in Australia for our international travel insurance.

You can buy or obtain a quote here.

World Nomads provides insurance cover for those who may travel overseas on a continual basis and have a high level of cover for adventure activities not always available in other policies.

You can buy or obtain a quote here.

Safety Wing is also a provider who is offering insurance to digital nomads and freelancers, with the bonus of being able to add on pension and social security benefits.  It is also available in 180 countries.

You can buy or obtain a quote here.

Whoever you use, the most important factor is that you have a policy that provides the correct coverage for you, your situation and your travel.

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