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Unique 5 star luxury at Fusion Maia Da Nang Resort : Vietnam

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When you are travelling in Vietnam, Da Nang is the place to come to relax, unwind and get away from the craziness of the large Vietnamese cities.   Wide streets, less traffic and an array of ocean front resorts line up along the coastline.

Our arrival at the Fusion Maia Da Nang Resort took us to another world, far away from where we had just been, and our next two days here were to be incredibly relaxing.

We were met enthusiastically upon our arrival,  and immediately made to feel at home. Welcome drinks were provided, along with an introduction to the resort and its activities.  The level of customer service was excellent from the very beginning and it never waned for our entire stay.  It is actually a hallmark of this resort.

Creating that ‘fusion feeling’

The service starts before arrival.  As the arrival date approaches, Fusion Maia Da Nanang are preparing for their guests.

An email is sent to guests welcoming them, and provides the opportunity to personalise your stay.  From choosing welcome gifts (chocolates, healthy snacks, fresh fruit), to selecting amenities, shoe and bathrobe sizes, ipods, and pillows, there’s no mistaking their priority.

Through your online guest portfolio you can make spa bookings, order food, and make arrangements for special dining experiences.  To say I was looking forward to staying here was an understatement.


Welcome drink at Fusion Mai a unique 5 star resort in Da Nang
The refreshing welcome drink upon arrival

After receiving the welcome drink, we were provided with some general information about the resort.  As can often be the case, the details can be overwhelming when you first arrive.  The team at Fusion Maia make this easy through the provision of mini books covering such things as the spa, dining options, visiting local places of interest and of course a very useful map.

The books are quirky, simple and inviting to read.  As I sat in reception, drinking and reading, I wondered how I would ever find the time to leave and checkout the local area.    The lure to stay here for two days and never leave is increasingly compelling.

Books at Fusion Mai a unique 5 star resort in Da Nang
A selection of booklets are provided upon arrival

The Fusionista

A point of difference here, and one which makes this a unique 5-star resort in Da Nang is the concept of the Fusionista.  My pre-check-in email from my personal Fusionista told me that she would be my BFF (Best Friend at Fusion).  My interest was piqued!

Dedicated staff are assigned to guests in order to help deliver an exceptional experience.  With tips on local areas to visit, shop and eat, along with the ability to create special experiences for you, this is an innovative concept.  Think private dinner on the beach or a personalised dinner in your private pool and this is customer service on a totally new level.

The Resort

Fusion Maia Da Nang Resort is a one of a kind type of place.  With a strong, but a “not in your face” type of approach to health and well being, it’s a resort with a strong wellness and lifestyle philosophy.  It’s also a great place to stay.  I’m not a retreat sort of person, but Fusion Maia delivered an opportunity to eat well, get some exercise, relax and soothe our minds and our bodies, all without feeling forced.

And, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a retreat.  If you want to eat big breakfasts, enjoy some drinks by the pool and hangout in your villa, then this is also the place for you.

The resort sits on a large parcel of land with pure ocean frontage on the Vietnam Eastern Sea.  Rooms are either Pool Villa (one bedroom), Spa Villa (two bedrooms) and Beach Villa (three bedrooms).

pool villa Fusion Maia Danang
The four poster bed in the pool villa
private pool at Fusion Maia Danang
Each villa has a private pool

Around the resort

It’s not all about the beach or the spa here either.  There are plenty of lush, tropical gardens and quiet areas to hideaway and relax.

Main building and reception area
Main building and reception area

The resort has direct access to the ocean.  Equipment for water sports can be hired in good weather.

Pool on the oceanfront at Fusion Maia
Pool on the oceanfront
The view from the main building looking towards the ocean at Fusion Maia Danang
The view from the main building looking towards the ocean
The view looking back from the ocean at Fusion Maia Danang
The view looking back from the ocean

Fusion Maia Da Nang was the first resort in Asia to offer spa treatments inclusive of the room rate.  Every room, and every person staying in that room, receives a minimum of two spa treatments every day!

I must admit to being a little sceptical about that at first as I had never heard of such an inclusion.  But, it’s as real as it can be, with your first treatments being booked in before you even arrive, ensuring you don’t miss out.

Entry to the Spa at the resort
Entry to the Spa at the resort

As you might expect at a resort like this, there is also a well equipped fitness room, with a view of the ocean of course.

Fitness centre at Fusion Maia Danang
The fitness centre


Finding something or somewhere to eat is never a challenge here.  Restaurant Five Dining offers a buffet breakfast and a la carte dining.  Fresh, the poolside cafe offers a different range of a la carte dining in a more casual environment.

As already mentioned, private dining can be arranged for special occasions and in room dining is always on offer.

The dining room at Five Dining
The dining room at Five Dining

Cocktail hour

With our complimentary cocktail voucher in our hand, we took a seat at the Tonic bar, inside the main building.  It’s a nice environment in here, and only a few steps to Five Dining if you are planning on eating in.

Tonic bar at Fusion Maia Danang Resort
The gin and sake cocktails were unusual and very tasty


Da Nang is the “gateway” to the better known city of Hoi An.  There is no airport in Hoi An, so flights from domestic and international locations land here.  The Da Nang International Airport is about 15 minutes from this resort.

The resort offers a hotel transfer from the airport for US$41 per car each way.  Given the proximity of the airport I personally think this rate is well overpriced, but will suit those who want a hassle free pickup.  We caught a taxi (Vinasun and Ma Linh are the recommended taxi companies) which cost US$6 (AUD$8).

Da Nang is an unsung hero.  I’m the first to admit that my early thoughts were to stay locally in Hoi An.  Staying at Da Nang means you get the best of both worlds, with hotel shuttle buses taking the issue out of getting to Hoi An.

Fusion Mai Da Nang Resort offers a shuttle bus to Hoi An, free of charge to guests. The trip takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on traffic.

shuttle at fusion maia danang resort
Air conditioned shuttle bus takes guests to and from Hoi An

Why Fusion Maia is unique

*Every room booked includes 2 spa treatments per person per day.

*A personal fusionista is provided to you to ensure a smooth stay.

*The daily breakfast can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime – eg in the main dining area, the cafe, the beach, or even their cafe in Hoi An.

*Watch movies in their cinema.

*Free shuttle bus to Hoi An.

*Personalisation extends to pre-checkin.

*At Fusion Cafe in Hoi An, you can charge food and drinks back to your room, hire complimentary bikes, use their lockers to store shopping and enjoy a free coffee/tea.


As I wrote this review, I was on the lookout for areas of concern, the items that ensure that a balanced approach is taken.  I came to the conclusion however that unless you live in five or six star all the time, and are used to having exceptional customer service all the time and all the things associated with this resort at your fingertips, I couldn’t see any reason for complaint.

I have noted that I think the hotel shuttle is overpriced.  Oh, and the weather could have been better, but again, that’s Mother Nature at play there and not the resort.

As I’ve already alluded to, there’s more to Fusion Maia Da Nang resort than just somewhere to stay.  It’s a unique 5 star resort in Da Nang,  and I’ll be visiting some of those special features in coming articles.

And whilst I could have stayed here for much longer, I was a guest of Fusion Maia Da Nang Resort, so had to leave sometime.  As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own.


Võ Nguyên Giáp, phường Khuê Mỹ, Da Nang, Vietnam

27 thoughts on “Unique 5 star luxury at Fusion Maia Da Nang Resort : Vietnam”

  1. Spa treatments included in the price of the stay! Genius! I would be tempted to hang at the resort the entire time, especially the pool with the ocean view, and sip on cocktails and get spa treatments. :)

  2. the private pool is the one thing that is truly luxurious in my opinion. Whilst I love pools and the ocean, I’m not a person who loves parading around in swimwear in public. This is perfect.

  3. This place looks like relaxation at its finest! I hopped over to Da Nang, while visiting Hoi An, for a couple of nights but my hotel was on the complete opposite end of the spectrum of this place :). I must go back and I must stay here!

  4. You had be at two spa treatments a day with each room! Fusion Maia Da Nang Resort sounds revolutionary honestly, I’ve never heard of a hotel experience which includes personalized customer service, this definitely takes service to a whole new level!! Thanks for the fantastic review, I’m so glad you enjoyed you’re time. We’ll absolutely stay here when we visit Vietnam :)

  5. This property has all the best you can imagine for a resort. From the pool to the spa’s and the water features it shows luxury at its best! Would love to have a unit with a private pool, no kids splashing around ruining your hair-do! :)

  6. The resort looks beautiful and peaceful … the kind of relaxing oasis you’d visit to get away from the noise of every day life. Beautiful!

  7. Such a unique and beautiful place to stay! I love how the pool is right on the beachfront and that they have a cinema, perfect for wintery days! It’s a shame the weather was bad but fingers crossed next time it’s a bit better for you!

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  11. Two spa treatments per person, per day? Sign me up! Everything that you described about the Da Nang resort sounds absolutely heavenly. I can see myself spending some significant time at that picturesque pool overlooking the beach. I’ll be sure to consider Da Nang when planning a visit to Vietnam.

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