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The best food and cookware stores in Paris

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Food and cookware shops in Paris

We love eating French food and love cooking French food so when we are in Paris we go food shopping. Paris is almost home to some of France’s best food and cookware shops.

France to many is, of course, the world’s fashion capital.  For them, any trip to France would not be complete without some serious pounding of the pavement along the Champs-Élysées and other shopping districts.

For us when we come here, it’s not uncommon to see our faces squished on the glass of a patisserie store wishing that we could come back as a French pastry chef in another life.

These are our favourite food and cookware stores in Paris. We visit them every time we come here and we hope you will lvoe them too.


Best Food Stores in Paris

G. Detou

This store is one of the oldest food stores in Paris.  It is located in what I call the “Golden Triangle” of food stores in the 2nd arrondissement.

When I was here the previous year, I think I bought a suitcase full of supplies from this store alone, so I could almost see the look of trepidation on my husband’s face as we crossed the threshold once again.

This store is quite small.  The lack of physical floor space has not been an impediment at all, with shelves built all the way up the walls to the ceiling.  Pastes, jams, chocolate, icing, flavourings, tinned meats, candied fruits and so much more cling for life on these shelves, and on each other, such is the way in which they are jammed in. It is said the G. Detou is a play on words for “I have everything”. I think this couldn’t be more accurate.

It looks like a game of Tetrus, and I for one am not game to touch them for fear that one jiggle will send them all crashing down.

Inside G Detou Food stores in Paris
Even the floor is overflowing with food products
Inside G Detou Food stores in Paris
Caramels and Salted Caramels
Inside G Detou Food stores in Paris
Chocolates and chocolate products for cooking
Inside G Detou Food stores in Paris
An assortment of biscuits, caramels and chocolates

This shop is old school.  When you are ready to purchase something, you see one of the men who is usually standing behind the counter near the front door.  They take your products and price them, returning to you a paper slip with the total price.  With this slip in hand, you must then go to the cashier, who sits behind the glass at the back of the store and pay.  Once you have paid, the men at the front will give you back your goodies.

Inside G Detou Food stores in Paris
See the product piled high on the cashier’s desk

I found myself a great selection of fondant.  The special kind that goes on the top of millefeuille.  I learnt from my cooking class at La Cuisine Paris last year that even the French pastry chefs buy it like this.  It’s much easier than making it from scratch.  I also buy more praline for making mousseline.  I can’t buy this sort of thing back home.

Next door to the main store is an even smaller store that sells more food of the fresh variety like charcuterie, cheese and confit de canard.

G Detou food store in Paris

Location: 58 rue Tiquetonne 75002 Paris

Best Cookware stores in Paris

La Bovida

La Bovida is the place I come to swoon over the pots and pans.  I know, it will sound weird to some, but it’s like I said earlier.  Some will come to Paris to ooh and aah over the latest trend or to buy the latest pair of jeans.  I love coming to Paris and oohing and aahing over the French cookware.

In La Bovida, pots and pans are even used as part of ceiling art, with them hanging off a gigantic wrought iron structure.

I also see amazing displays of those famously French copper pots here.  You know, the ones you see on tv that are brought to your table with steaming hot chocolate souffles billowing out of them.  Ok, so maybe I pay too much attention to these details.

Bovida food store in Paris
La Bovida food and cooking store in Paris
Utensils galore

Location: 36 Rue Montmartre, 75001 Paris


This store is the place to come for so many pastry chefs.  It has one of the largest ranges of silicon cake and chocolate moulds in Paris.  Every time I come here I sit for ages gazing at the moulds, wondering if I really need another crazy shape. 

Mora cookware store in Paris
Mora food and cooking store in Paris
Chocolate moulds
Mora food stores in Paris

Mora is also a cake decorators heaven with an entire (almost secret) room dedicated to icing, fondants, decorations and papers.  It’s amazing.

Mora food and cooking store in Paris

Location: 13 Rue Montmartre, 75001 Paris

A. Simon

Another food store that doesn’t need a fancy name.  Just A.Simon.  A name that is synonymous with cooking and catering equipment for restaurants.

A Simon food stores Paris
A Simon food stores Paris
Large scale catering equipment can be found here

Location: 48 + 52 Rue Montmartre, 75001 Paris


In keeping with the theme of many of these amazing cookware stores in Paris, E.Dehillerin is plain on the outside, but makes up for it on the inside. For over 200 years old, this store has been supplying bakeware, pots, pans and utensils to those who love to cook.

You’ll find everything you need here and so much more.

Location: 18 et 20 rue Coquillière 75001 Paris

Tips for food and cookware shopping in Paris

These are some of our favourite food and cooking stores in Paris.  But it is by no means an exclusive list.  Major department stores like Galleries Lafayette, Le Bon Marché and BHV have incredible cookware ranges and food halls. The food and cookware stores above however are for the serious foodie and serious shopper.

  • If you are planning to visit any of these food and cookware stores in Paris, be sure to take an extra suitcase or bag (or be prepared to buy something in Paris) to get it all home.
  • We also take bubble wrap and packing tape with us to pack it all up properly, especially the food items.
  • Be mindful of your own country’s quarantine rules if you buy food. You don’t want to go to all the effort to transport your French goodies all the way home only to find they won’t pass the border regulations.
  • Take reusable shopping bags with you.
  • Many of these stores are close to one another so plan your visit before you leave so you aren’t darting back and forth into different areas.
food and cookware stores in paris france
Where to find some of the best food and cookware stores in Paris (green markers)

26 thoughts on “The best food and cookware stores in Paris”

  1. I could probably spend hours in these stores looking at all the goodies! I love buying new cookware!

  2. I would expect as much from France :) – the culinary center of Europe? There’s a street in Japan that has a lot of cookware and knives like what you’ve shown here. I wonder how the two would compare…

  3. Certainly was Mark. No issues whatsoever driving around France or any other European country. But, we’ve got lots of experience travelling this way now so we like to think we’ve got everything down pat.

  4. sounds like a great place to stock up on all those essential to take home to oz. how did you find driving a motor home around france?

  5. Jenny, some would say that’s a good thing :) My kitchen looks like a department store sometimes and the pantry like a supermarket. I do love it all though and not having any stores like this at home, I definitely take the opportunity to buy up when I am here.

  6. Ha, most people probably wouldn’t Kevin, but we’re a little unusual like that! As long as you’ve got somewhere to park it up (and we did at a very nice campground), the rest is easy.

  7. One of the few things I dislike about my mostly nomadic lifestyle is that I can’t have a kitchen full of gadgets and ingredients. When I lived in Hanoi for 3.5 years I accumulated so much stuff, I can’t imagine what I would get if I lived in or even just visited Paris! These stores would be HEAVEN for me and I would have a horrible time restraining myself from buying everything! Making note of this post, so if I even do go to Paris….y’know…. ;)

  8. What a great list. Love Paris for the food and also enjoy visiting the cooking store. This is an amazing list with stores I never knew. Holding onto this list for my future Paris visit. Nicely done!

  9. Wow I would love to scour these aisles! Looks like there is too much choice. Hope you brought some cool products though!

  10. This is an amazing list, and something I never thought to explore! I cannot wait to check out G. Detou the next time I’m in Paris. Merci.

  11. Hi Sheri, I am SO pleased you like this. I’ve been to them twice now and just wish I could get access to all of these ingredients back home. They always have such wonderful cookware too. It’s hard for me not to buy everything I see. I would love to hear back from you on your return. Perhaps you could even write a guest post for me that follows up this article ? If you are interested in doing a cooking class at all in Paris, I can highly recommend La Cuisine Paris. I’ve got a couple more food related posts coming up for Paris if you want to keep an eye out. All the best for a fantastic trip.

  12. I am SO happy I happened upon this post!! My family and I are planning our first trip to Paris this summer and, like you, my happy place is all things food and cooking. I’ve taken copious notes and can’t wait to visit these places you’ve suggested!!!! I will absolutely try to remember to come back and report my shopping success!!!! Can NOT wait!

  13. Lyndall - Seize The Day Project

    Wow – what a great range of delicious foods and great cooking utensils. There’s something for everyone here. I bet you’ve cooked up some treats with your gorgeous French ingredients! Bon apetit :-)

  14. Nancy, thank you so very much for saying so. That really means the world to me. They are awesome stores. I could quite literally stay in there all day.(but then I wouldn’t have time to hang out in the grocery stores :) )

  15. As a fellow French cooking fanatic I have to tell you this is a great list! Next time we are in Paris I’ll be printing out your article and taking it with us.

  16. Your family & friends must be extremely happy to dine at your place to enjoy the beautiful goodies you have purchased.

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