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The best hands-on cooking classes in Paris

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If you love food, love cooking and happen to find yourself in Paris, there’s one activity that MUST be on your itinerary. A quick search online for Paris cooking classes reveals a healthy list of places to choose from.

But, when you’re far away and trying to compare them online, this can be an arduous task.  Is it a good class?  Do they speak English? do I actually get to make something myself? Do I need previous experience?  By the time you’ve tried to work all of these questions (and more) out you’ll be exhausted.

I’m here to save you the trouble by calling out La Cuisine Paris as one of the best cooking schools you’ll find in the city of Paris.  Here’s why.

Making croissants at cooking classes in Paris

It’s centrally located

La Cuisine Paris couldn’t be any easier to get to.  Located on the Right Bank, only minutes away from Notre Dame and the Marais, and within easy walking access from two Metro Stations.

Cooking classes in Paris at La Cuisine Paris
The facade of La Cuisine Paris

There are a great range of classes

Running classes from Monday – Saturday, there is a great range to choose from including croissants, macarons, puff pastry, and pastries.  They also conduct market tours, picking out the best of the French Markets for you to experience.

Pastries made at La Cuisine Paris cooking class
Swiss bread and Pain au Raisins made in the French croissant class
Making croissants at a cooking class in Paris
Croissants fresh out of the oven

They have real chefs

All of the cooking classes are conducted by fully trained chefs (often with beautiful French names like Guillaume)

La Cuisine Paris cooking classes
Guillaume – one of the chefs and teachers at La Cuisine Paris

Value for money

A two-hour cooking class can cost €69, whilst a three hour croissant class is €99.  Other more involved programs, including food tours, may be more expensive.

Classes are hands-on

Roll up your sleeves, these are working classes.  No time to sit back and watch here.  Give your muscles a work out kneading the dough, or whisking that beautiful creme anglais.  Whatever the class, you will be involved.

Rolling out dough for cooking class in Paris
Everyone is involved in rolling out the dough for the croissants
Cooking classes in Paris
Mixing the dough

The classes are kept deliberately small

With a maximum of 8-10 in the classrooms, expect to get some personal attention from the chef.  There are no issues here with not being able to hear or see what the chef is showing you at all times.

Cooking class in Paris participants
Participants of the cooking class

You don’t need prior experience

Many come to these classes with limited cooking experience.  This is the great thing about being here.  No-one will judge you and the chef is able to look after participants with a range of skill, without making anyone feel uncomfortable, or making those who have some experience hang around and get bored. Just bring your desire to learn and have fun.

Everything is provided

There is no need to bring anything with you, making it the perfect holiday experience.

You get to eat what you make

Whether it’s additional goodies to take away with you, or a croissant a cup of tea in the kitchen, you will definitely get to taste test everything that’s been made during your class.

Eating what we made in the cooking class in Paris
time to eat what we made in the class
Eating croissants from my cooking class in Paris
My time to enjoy a hot cup of tea and my freshly baked croissants

Excellent after class support is provided

On the two occasions that I have had a class here, the team at La Cuisine Paris have always been incredibly helpful.  Via email, we share photos and information about what I have cooked.

If I have had an issue, or want to check if my end product looks as it should, they are on hand to give me feedback from the chef who took the class.  This means that my class didn’t end when I walked out the door and it means that I can continue to learn even more from this experience.

What also stands out to me is that there are so many others who have attended these classes, had fun, and would gladly go again…..and again.  Corinne from Reflections Enroute has just had a recent experience there and loved it.

They share their own foodie tips

If it were not for these guys, I may never have found the wonderful food stores of Paris like G. Detou and Mora.

My tips to make the most of your cooking class

If you are like me and want to actually recreate what you have learned, then I would strongly advise you to take a notebook, pen and camera.  There is plenty of time along the way to take extra notes and photos of what you are cooking.  Whilst you are provided with a recipe, I have found the notes and photos I took to be invaluable when it comes to remembering certain steps.

Book well in advance.  Many of the classes are popular, and well, it is Paris after all.  To avoid disappointment, make sure you book online as soon as you have locked in your dates.  Booking online on the La Cuisine Paris website is safe and easy.

Don’t arrive late to class.  Give yourself plenty of time to arrive and relax before you start.  If you are late, you will find they have started without you.  Whilst you can join late, it’s possible you will have missed some critical steps in the process.  If you are keen enough to book a class, be keen enough to get there early and enjoy the experience.

Most of all, have fun.  It’s not everyone who can say they’ve been to a cooking class in Paris!

Starting the cooking class in Paris
Can’t keep the smile off my face in these cooking classes

Where to stay

There is an endless range of places to stay in Paris.  Sometimes there are so many that it can seem overwhelming.

I’ve worked with  HotelsCombined to provide you with the most popular hotels in Paris, so why not save yourself the time and check them out.  Clicking on the links below will take you straight to the hotel site.

Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel

You can check availability, prices, reviews and book any of these hotels and more on Trip Advisor

Tick it off your bucket list! Book well in advance to avoid disappointment. Cooking classes in Paris sell out very quickly.


La Cuisine Paris details

80 Quai de l’Hôtel de Ville 75004 ParisThe two closest metro stations are:

Pont Marie via line 7

Hôtel de Ville via line 1 and 11


Note – This was my second (paid) visit to La Cuisine Paris and I am definitely a fan.  I have received no incentive from La Cuisine Paris to attend nor write this post.  All opinions are my own.

Do you love cooking too?  Be sure to save this pin to your Pinterest board for future reference.

the best cooking classes in Paris

92 thoughts on “The best hands-on cooking classes in Paris”

  1. Taking a baking class in Paris?!?! The mecca of baked goods?!? This sounds amazing! Talk about bringing the best gifts possible back from a trip… the ability to make croissants the way they should be! Wow!

  2. Next time you go, Kerri, let us know and maybe we’ll meet you there. Didn’t you just love Guillaume?

  3. Hi Tom, thanks for this as I still get heaps reading about La Cuisine. I am so pleased you went to La Cuisine and even more pleased that you had a great experience !!! Thanks so much for the shout-out. Really, truly appreciate that !

  4. If anyone’s still reading — I did indeed take the sauce-making class at La Cruisine Paris and I found it brilliant. If anyone want to read a writeup of that, it’s on my own travel blog:

  5. They have a macaron baking class!! That’s what I did. It was my favourite thing I did in Paris.

  6. Hi Tom, no I haven’t taken their sauce making class. Only croissants and millefeuille. But both were absolutely awesome and I couldn’t have had a better experience. The chefs on both occasions were excellent. The groups are small enough to get plenty of attention and to ask questions, and to actually see and do what the chefs are telling you. They are also great after the classes with helping via email. ie I sent photos of my first batch of croissants that I made on my own to show them and ask for comments, answers to questions I had etc and they were excellent in getting back to me. If you’ve got any pre-questions, just send them an email. Cheers, Kerri

  7. Kerri–I’m heading to Paris in a few weeks and I’ve heard about this school from others. Have you taken their sauce-making class? 3 hours focusing just on sauces, which seems exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks for the tips.

  8. I’ve never joined a cooking class..but this experience in Paris sounds like a dream! Those Pain au raisins look so good.

  9. What a fantastic list of reasons to join this cooking class. I love taking cooking classes but have in the past been disappointed not to have a hands on role. I don’t think it is really a cooking class if you only get to watch. I’m seriously impressed by the final product of your baking – looks professional & delicious!

  10. I’m not a good cook. In fact, I’m terrible. I don’t typically have the patience for it. But I do love French pastry, and reading this (and seeing the pics) makes me want to try it. The experience alone (provided I didn’t burn anything down) would be well-worth the money!

  11. I love the sound of this! And not just because I could eat croissants all day, every day. I think cooking classes are such a great way to get to know a place. My mum and I enjoyed a cooking lesson in San Miguel de Allende when she visited us in Mexico and it was a lot of fun. La Cuisine Paris seems like an excellent recommendation.

  12. This looks amazing!! I’ve always wanted to take a cooking class when we are traveling, but it hasn’t worked out yet. We will have to check this out next time we are in Paris–those pastries and croissants look so delicious! I love that they are available to answer questions after the class via email as well. Would be nice because I’m sure I’d have some questions when trying to remake it at home!

  13. Amen to all of this. I love this post, saving and sharing with friends. A good friend of mine lived in Paris for 6 weeks to learn how to make pastry. Sounds divine. :)

  14. You would definitely love this Jackie. The one in Chiang Mai would be amazing too, and isn’t it just fantastic when people running these types of businesses love it so much that they are just so interested in those who attend and keep helping them. A great sign of a great business in my opinion.

  15. I love Paris and have been several times but a cooking class has always evaded my best intentions to make it happen! The class looks great! I love the small classes and the attention even after the class is finished via email. I took a cooking class in Chiang Mai and emailed them with some questions months later in anticipation of a Thai dinner party I hosted back in NYC. They were more than happy to help and really showed how valuable an experience like this could be.

  16. I love taking cooking classes and learning to make croissants….IN PARIS…would be divine! Looks very informative and you wrote a lovely post about your experience. Swiss bread and Pain au Raisins…sign me up!

  17. Is it horrible of me that I’ve never thought about even attempting to make homemade croissants? I mean, I make other dough/ bread pastries, but have always just used Pillsbury pre-made! I would love to learn to actually make them from scratch. YUM!

  18. Seems incredible! I’m guessing the answer is no, but I wonder if there was the option of making these pastries vegan by using margarine instead of butter? They look heavenly!

  19. You had me at beer and croissants :) What an awesome experience. I like baking with people who know how to bake. Eating what ever you make is a bonus!!!

  20. If I’m Paris again, would try this with the kids, never really done any cooking classes while travelling.

  21. Such a great way to get inside the head (or stomach) of a different culture. Croissants are just about the most iconic part of French gastronomy after bread itself, so how wonderful to learn to make them in the heart of Paris. I’m quite jealous right now. I love the idea of food classes while travelling, but somehow it never happens….travelling with kids tends to have that sort of effect! Thanks for linking this to #AllAboutFrance, it’s a wonderful addition.

  22. Kassie O'Driscoll

    This literally made my stomach growl! Yum!!

    Thanks for linking up to Wanderlust Wednesday. I look forward to seeing you again!

  23. I walked by there everyday when I stayed in the Marais. I wish I had taken a class! I definitely need to add this to my next visit to Paris.
    Bises, Kimberly

  24. Awh I wish I could make these when I’m in France, but I’m gluten free! If they did a gluten free version of a croissant, I’d be right there!

  25. Such a great idea! I love to cook but I’ve never yet taken a cooking class while traveling. And Paris definitely sounds like a great place to learn, especially since I’m addicted to croissants!

  26. Rob, I couldn’t believe that the Pain au raisin was made out of the left over croissant dough. And it has this beautiful creme patisserie in there as well. They are definitely yummy.

  27. Hi Pat. It was awesome and I will continue to go and learn something new when I am back there in Paris. You do not need to speak French at all. The school is blessed with wonderful bilingual chefs. On both occasions that I have done a class here, there have been Americans in there with me. They loved it too.

  28. What a wonderful experience! Your croissants looked delicious. I’d love to learn how to make a laminated dough from a chef. Does one have to speak fluent French in order to participate. My french is not very good.

    I have taken cooking classes in NYC, and one here in Colorado–a sushi class.

  29. Great idea! And I can’t believe how reasonably priced the class is! We often end up doing on our foodie tours as we walk around Paris. So easy to do! :)

    I’ve taken cooking classes in Bali, Istanbul, NYC, Warsaw and Melbourne. Anything related to food is right up my alley!

  30. Amazing! I’ll be making my reservation just as soon as I figure out which weekend to go. We recently took a cooking lesson in Prague that was very good, but more of a home cooking class. I’m registered for a bagel class in NYC this summer, I’ll definitely be posting about it when we get back.

  31. Elisa martinez

    Looks really good! Always been curious to take 1 country’s cooking class somewhere one day.

  32. I like to take a cooking class wherever I go, so thanks for doing the research for me! ;) Love the hands-on bit as it makes me remember better! I’ll definitely do this whenever I get to Paris again!

  33. I am definitely booking this next time we are in Paris. We did a Behind the Scenes tour of a Boulangerie learning how croissants and baguettes are made and this is the next step, much more hands on. Thank you for linking up with #TheWeeklyPostcard and for inspiring me to book this class.

  34. I’ve done a few cookery classes on my travels and it’s always a really fun part of the trip. I’d never thought that of doing one in Paris though but what a great idea – and sounds a fab recommendation. I really want a croissant now! #theweeklypostcard

  35. Thanks Mimi. Yeah, I really liked this one because it is so hands on. We did absolutely everything. The one in Korea would have been great too, with so many different flavours and types of foods.

  36. LOL this must have been heaven for you right – your site’s name is Beer and Croissants. I didn’t see any beer but there’s definitely croissants! yay!

  37. Great idea! I really need to take a cooking class when I travel. Thanks for sharing.

  38. This seems so awesome!! I loved that you guys really were in there cooking and the pastries look delicious! Last year, I took a cooking class here in Korea that was really fun as well. Great post!

  39. Wow Nina you sound exactly like me! I truly loved this. Have done a couple of these now and they have been fantastic. Would love to hear back from you if you do get there, and what you learned.

  40. What?? This excited me beyond words! I’m booking my class today! I’ve been to Paris a few times and love exploring new neighbourhoods and new things – why I haven’t thought of doing this is beyond me! I love cooking but would never think I’m up to Parisian standards…so school would be perfect! Paris is so close to where I’m currently living that I need to make the most of experiencing more Parisian/French culture – I’m a fan. Love this!

  41. We love taking cooking classes when we travel to experience the local cuisine. Looks like you had quite an authentic experience and I love that they keep the groups small. Those croissants look lovely!

  42. That sounds like so much fun! I would love to learn to cook a few new things…but I would probably gain 25 pounds if i tried making pastries!! I have no self control.

  43. Wow, taking a cooking class in Paris is a great idea! I will do that the next time I visit. Can’t wait to make tasty croissants. :)

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