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My top 3 amazing food experiences in Parma Italy

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Best food tours in Parma Italy

The Three Kings Tour, run by Parma Food n Wine Tours, is one of a few food tours in Parma Italy.  It took me on a journey of intense food pleasure over an entire day.  Food is an integral part of travel for me. It’s not about food for food’s sake, or just to appease a growling stomach. It’s about learning how food is eaten in a country, how it’s cooked, and how it differs from region to region.

It’s about trying new flavours and new foods that sometimes leave a lifelong impression on me. Food tours and cooking classes have therefore become a key part of my travels.

Of course, I enjoy the eating part too!  If you are looking for things to do in Parma, I can’t recommend some kind of food tour enough.

tasting parmigiano reggiano cheese in bologna

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What’s included in the tour?

The Three Kings Food Tour covers three well known Italian food items.   It commences with a visit to the Parmigiano Reggiano factory, followed by the Parma Ham factory.  The day is broken up by lunch and there are several options for you to choose from. (at an additional cost)  In the afternoon, a visit to a Balsamic Vinegar producer rounds off a fantastic day.


  • There are vegetarian options available as a substitute for the Parma ham tour.
  • This is a self-drive tour so a vehicle is essential.  If you arrived in Parma by air or rail, and do not have a car, it is recommended that you hire one for the day.
  • You may take a tour to one destination, or two but I highly recommended the Three Kings Tour that allows you to see all three.
Motorhome on self drive food tours in Parma Italy
Don’t let the size of your vehicle stop you from going. We joined the food tour in our motorhome.

How long does it take?

The tour starts at 8.30am by meeting your tour guide at a specific location.  Because the tour is self-drive, the tour guide will provide you with addresses and GPS coordinates for the locations that will be visited during the day.  This is just a preventative measure in case you get separated whilst on the road.

The tour guide and driver that we were with were fantastic and always made sure everyone knew where they were going, and drove slowly enough to keep everyone close by.

With three individual tours plus lunch, this is an all-day affair.  The tour finished at around 3.30-4.00pm.

What does it cost?

The food tour has a pricing structure that is based on the number of people who are in the group.  You can request a private tour but understand that this will be a significantly higher price.  Tour groups are kept to a manageable 8 person maximum.

This doesn’t mean you have to source other people to join you.  If you are comfortable with joining other people then you simply need to note that when you book.  On the day we went on the tour, we were joined by one other couple, and a family of three, so seven in total.

When you book you will pay a deposit, with the remainder due (in cash) on the day of the tour.  This means that it is possible (especially in high season) that by the time you take your tour, more people will have joined your group, and your price will be reduced.

Children under 9 years of age are free.

I chose the sit-down lunch at a local restaurant which cost an extra €25 per person.  This was a terrific lunch with the table sharing in cured meats, several entrees, several mains, dessert, bread and a glass of local wine.

Where is it located?

The tour operates out of Parma, Italy.  You will be given a specific meeting location once your deposit has been received.  Whilst not essential, it will make it easier if you are staying overnight in or near Parma overnight.

Camping at Tabiano near Parma -
We camped overnight at Tabiano, near Parma.

We camped, but why not try one of these hotels?

How do you book?

Bookings are made through an email system on the Parma Food n Wine Tours website, where you must advise the following:

  • Date you are interested in
  • Number of people in your own group that you are booking for
  • Whether you are ok to share with other people (note this means sharing a guide, not your  vehicle)
  • Any dietary requirements

Upon receipt of this information, you will be forwarded details to make a deposit of €52.  Once this has cleared, you will be sent further information on the meeting place, time and the phone number of tour guide.

Book a Parma food tour here

Why choose Parma Food n Wine Tours?

If you are looking to go on a food tour that takes the time to provide as much detail as possible on how these products are made, Parma Food n Wine are a great option.  Whilst many food tours simply skim over the details, just enough so that you can say you’ve been, this one is a standout.

On this tour, you are able to watch specific parts of the product being made, learn about the history of traditional products in Italy, ask plenty of questions, and of course, taste it all.

The tour guides are professional and knowledgeable and willing to share as much with you as you would like.  The day is well organised and not rushed, allowing adequate time at each stop to learn, take photos, eat and have rest breaks.

It is also very reasonably priced, and of course, you have the added bonus of the price coming down if more people join your tour.  This is quite unique and shows enormous integrity on behalf of the tour company.

I also chose Parma Food n Wine Tours for the Three Kings Tour because of the ability to have a wonderful lunch at a destination chosen by them.  It was a fabulous way to break up the day and explore some more local foods, hand chosen by the chef.

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36 thoughts on “My top 3 amazing food experiences in Parma Italy”

  1. Brilliantly explained the intricacies of an otherwise complex sounding tour! Loved the clarity!
    Of course, the tour does seem extremely inviting!

  2. Lots of veg options for a change. Thank God! The food does look delicious. Thanks for the tips on how to book the same. Makes it easier to opt for it.

  3. Parma ham already sounds amazing, but a WHOLE TOUR? Be still my beating heart. I’ve always heard about amazing Parma ham and balsamic producers, and it’s great to know that they’re accessible, too!

  4. Postcard from Parma! Guys Kerri is an absolute angel and we are more than happy for you to book through her and the cost will be exactly the same as direct to us… the difference being that as an influencer she becomes one of our valued agents sharing the joys of the day with all. Thanks Nick FWT

  5. All of the food looks delicious! I like that the tour seems so detailed and that you can see how all of the food was made. It’s not just about eating, but learning the culture!

  6. I did a double take and carefully looked at each photo…again and again! Looks so good. That pasta!!! I love food tours- definitely a worthwhile activity to do while in a city.

  7. I can see why the tour is in high demand, I am very envious of that pasta. Italy truly is the king of food. Did you take your camper van along for a food comma nap in-between trips? ;)

  8. Ohhh I am hungry and homesick now! I grew up in Rome and while I have never visited Parma, we always had parmigiano and prosciutto in the house. I like tours that mix eating with learning about the process behind the food: this would definitely be an interesting day out for me

  9. Honestly, is there anything better then ham and cheese? I want to visit places like this just for the food experience, as I put a high value on authentic eats when I’m exploring. Will look further into this food tour if I ever get to Parma :)

  10. Great information. I’ve never been on a food tour before. I’ve been on wine testing tours, but not on food tours. The tour that you took sounds amazing. I am a great fan of Italian food and can’t think of anything more delicious than cheese and wine. Yummy!

  11. The self drive idea is something a bit different that might sometimes be limiting for us when we travel overseas as we don’t always rent a vehicle but it’s perfect with the motor home. You could stock up on all sorts of delicious treats for the coming days. Definitely would want all 3 stops!

  12. Food is of high priority for us when we travel as well. Completely agree with you that understanding food traditions and how it is made are important parts of the experience. The Three Kingredients Tour sounds like the perfect way to learn about food in Parma. In our experience, small group tours allow for a much more intimate and thorough experience. Thank you for linking up with #weekendwanderlust!

  13. Ohh this looks like so much fun and that food looks AMAZING — especially that ravioli. We are thinking about visiting Italy this summer but haven’t narrowed down the locations or details yet — I will have to talk to you more about it! :)

    Thanks for sharing this experience with us!

  14. What a fantastic foodie day! I’ve never been on a self-drive tour, so that would be a new one on me, but it looks well worth it. As long as i’m not the designated driver.. i’m sure there would be too many opportunities to sample the local wine in the area to sign myself up to that for the day!

  15. Ham and cheese sounds great to me! I always enjoy learning about the product, seeing it made and learn the history and details behind the food. Looks like I might need to head back to Italy sometime soon! :)

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