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Hilton Malta – A great 5 star hotel in Malta

side view hilton malta

Hilton Malta – a great 5-star hotel in Malta 

We’ve been very fortunate over the years to stay at some incredible places. Many we would go back to again if we had the opportunity to do so. Rarely, however, do we find somewhere that makes us feel right at home and part of the family. That’s exactly how we felt at the Hilton Malta. It’s a great five-star hotel and well situated on the island of Malta.

It was refreshing to see such values being applied under such a large and global brand. In a world where one Hilton can feel like the next, the Hilton Malta sets itself apart through an ongoing dedication to providing genuine customer service, supported by a brand promise of “Make it right”

This was my first visit to Malta, my husband’s second, but we were both very excited to be staying on the seafront of St Julian’s. However, this wasn’t just any seafront, this was the Meditteranean, where the Hilton Malta sprawls across the coastline, taking up as much sea frontage as possible. The design of this hotel means many guests receive a sea view, whilst many others get a close view of the marina, complete with multi-million dollar boats.

Views from the moment you walk in 

The foyer of the hotel brings the sea straight to you, with floor to ceiling glass and a panoramic view to die for. In one glance, I take in the ocean waves as they pound into the rocky shoreline and the resort pools down below. I tried to remain focused during check-in, but the lure of those palm trees and the pool was becoming increasingly difficult to avoid.

lobby hilton malta

The check-in process was completed quickly and soon we were on our way to our room. If you are a Hilton Honors member, a dedicated check-in desk awaits you.

With 413 rooms, divided broadly into guest rooms, suites and executive, there is an option for every budget. These are also available with a sea or marina view.

Our view

As we entered our executive room, I ignored everything else and just headed for the balcony. Having seen the view from the lobby, I just needed to see what it looked like from up here on level 9. The view was to die for. With a totally unimpeded 180 degree view, we were going to be very happy here for the next five days.

sea view from our room hilton malta

The welcome

We had only been in our room a short while before there was a knock at the door.  As I opened it, a man carrying a silver cloche was there to greet me.  As part of the executive room package, a delicious plate of sweet treats had been sent here as part of our welcome.  Almost too pretty to eat, the macaron with caramel, brownie, white chocolate ball and various other little additions were just beautiful.

According to Marketing Manager, Melanie Faure, “When you stay in the executive rooms or suites, a small gift is left in your room every day”.

welcome gift hilton malta

Along with some creative towel moulding, each day we would return to our room to some fresh biscuits like these.

daily gifts Hilton Malta

The room

Accessible by high-speed lifts, the executive rooms are located on the higher floors of the hotel.  These rooms offer additional space to their base level guest rooms, allowing you to spread yourself out quite nicely.  The king-size bed is a Hilton proprietary brand, “Serenity” and the level of comfort lives up to expectations.

USB ports are located alongside the power outlets above the bedside tables, showing the Hilton Malta is keeping up with the pace of technology, This makes charging of devices more convenient. 

Note: Malta uses the British electricity system so ensure you have the correct adaptor with you.

bedroom hilton malta

A lounge area just inside the balcony is a great space to read, catch some sea breezes or watch what is happening out in the ocean.  From yachts, superyachts and ocean liners, there’s always plenty of action.

bedroom and lounge hilton malta

There is excellent storage in this room, with numerous deep drawers and wardrobes with both hanging space and shelves.  The wardrobe also contains a large digital safe, fluffy robes and slippers.

executive room hilton malta

A large flat screen tv provides access to over 40 cable tv channels, free-to-air tv and pay-tv.  The tv is easily seen from both the bed and the lounge area.

Tv area Hilton Malta

Perhaps the only thing I found unusual in the executive room was the omission of an office desk.  There is, however, a small round table located near the power outlets and ethernet connections.  I would suspect that most people in these rooms either work off this, the lounge or head up to the executive lounge as I did to work.

Paid wifi plans are available however if you are a Hilton Honors member, wifi is included.  If you are planning on visiting a Hilton it’s a good idea to sign up.  It’s quick, free and provides you with other benefits as well like late checkouts, online check-in and the earning of points.

lounge and office area hilton malta

Standard tea and coffee making facilities are provided as well as a minibar.  The mini bar operates on an electronic system, meaning that removal of any item for a set period of time will see it automatically charged to your account.

bar fridge hilton malta

The bathroom

The bathroom is spacious,  user-friendly and contains both a shower and a deep bath.   Most hotel rooms have limited storage room in bathrooms.  Here, there are two large drawers underneath the vanity.  For longer stays, this is really useful for packing away your toiletries.

The water pressure here was excellent and the water was super hot, always a tick in my book.

The lighting in the bathroom, usually something that is ordinary was also bright enough to be able to use it effectively.

bathroom hilton malta

The toiletries are reasonably standard here but are plentiful and refreshed daily.

toiletries hilton malta

The balcony

Balcony Hilton Malta
Image courtesy of Hilton Malta

Having a balcony adds such a special dimension to any room but this one really was amazing.  Large enough to have a table and chairs out here, it meant chasing the sunrise and sunset became even easier.  For sunrise, I was able to leave my husband sleep whilst I set up my equipment outside.

sunrise hilton malta - a great 5 star hotel in Malta

At sunset, we sat with a glass of bubbles in our hand, watching the sun set over to the west.

view towards casino hilton malta

Access to the Executive Lounge

The suites and executive rooms at the Hilton Malta also receive access to the private Executive Lounge.  Here you can enjoy breakfast in quieter surroundings, use the business areas, relax in the lounge area with a newspaper, or sit and watch the world go by from the outdoor balcony.  

Refreshments are served here during the day, with unlimited hot drinks, soft drinks and bottled water.   Breakfast and afternoon tea are also available. Alcoholic drinks and canapes are served each evening at 6 pm,.  This part of the evening generates a great crowd of people who get together to share stories about their day.

It was one of my favourite places to go each evening, as I got to talk to some of the regulars who have been coming here for years. They are the people I mentioned above who have become like family to the Hilton Malta team.  They come here year after year, and sit in the same seat and drink the same thing they’ve been drinking for twenty years.  In a world that has become devoid of brand loyalty, age-old traditions like this set this hotel apart.

It’s also the place where I really understood the values of this hotel as I watched them play out each and every day.  There was nothing fake here, just genuine customer service for a clientele they have come to love.

The fact that we were new to this environment didn’t see us treated any differently.  Rather, after only one day I had the staff welcoming me back and asking me about my day, and I witnessed them doing exactly the same to other newcomers.

Executive Lounge Inside Hilton Malta - a great 5 star hotel in Malta
Image courtesy of Hilton Malta
a great 5 star hotel in Malta
Image courtesy of Hilton Malta

The rooms were maintained daily to a high standard and the entire hotel area was always kept in a spotless condition.   Air conditioning operates in all rooms,  a necessity for the hot Maltese environment.  It was however great to be able to have the doors to the balcony open as well to allow the fresh sea breezes in and the sound of the ocean crashing nearby.

As noted, there are a variety of rooms available, depending on your budget and your preference for sea, marina or garden views and bed configuration.

Where is the Hilton Malta?

The Hilton Malta is a great 5-star hotel in Malta,  located on prime waterfront in the busy St Julian’s area.  There are many great cafes and restaurants all within an easy walking distance of the hotel.  It is also a very convenient location for visiting other parts of Malta and close to the public bus system.

Malta is located approximately 300km north of Africa and 90km south of Sicily.  Ferries operate from Sicily and many airlines (full fare and budget) fly into Malta International Airport.

There is so much more on offer at this hotel, making it a fantastic place to base yourself during your visit to Malta.  Keep visiting this website as I will bring you more details on the hotel and its facilities and its amazing food!

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 We were a guest of Hilton Malta.  As always all editorial, opinions, content and images are our own unless otherwise noted.

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  1. Woah this place looks heavenly! What a gorgeous (and huge) hotel. Those views -I wouldn’t be able to draw myself away from that little balcony with views like that. I really like how you said everything was genuine and there was nothing fake – that’s awesome to hear, especially for such a gorgeous hotel.

  2. The panoramic views from the hotel are something to die for. I like the way the hotel has been designed to seamlessly merge with the surrounding sea. The rooms are spacious and the fact that you can lounge and catch the activity on the waters is great. I can see the Hilton Malta lives up to the Hilton brand promise. Have stayed in a couple of Hiltons and their service has always been impeccable.

  3. Peter Thomas Roth isn’t standard, that’s really good quality! Nice perk. Your view and hotel room are stunning. Looks like an amazing place to stay!

  4. Wow, the first picture is just amazing! And I like the idea you felt welcome and part of the “family” since your first minutes there . . Did you try the outdoor facilities? That huge swimming pool so close to the sea looks great . . .

  5. Sounds like the Hilton is the place to be! Those views are spectacular and it’s in a great location for a home base. We haven’t been to Malta yet but hear good things. I was actually thinking of going this winter but after some research realized it’s not as warm as I thought it was going to be.

  6. The entire property looks amazing but the views from the balconies, both your room and the main entrance, are worth going for alone. This looks like one of those places you wouldn’t want to leave the property. I hope to stay here myself when I go!

  7. Hilton hotels are one of my favorite hotel brands, and this property looks stellar. Love the view and it’s a nice touch to have the tray of sweets with an executive room. I could easily sit on the balcony and chill. I will keep this in mind if I am ever that way.

  8. I love the daily small surprises! Great views, too! People going back to this hotel to experience the same thing really says a lot about how great the service is and the staff are at Hilton Malta.

  9. THat view from the room has sold me this hotel! OK, the Hilton looks amazing here as well with a nice pool but that view! I could wake up to that every morning and not be disappointed!

  10. What a glam place Kerri. I would love the view entering the hotel and the view from your room even more. This is 5 star all the way, but even if the room was not great, if a place has a view, I love it, immediately.

  11. I could do with 5 days at the Hilton Malta (Executive Suite of course) – sounds amazing. Wonderful photos!

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