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Plan with me

Travelling is such an amazing experience but regardless of how we all like to do it, travel also means travel planning.  Some plan a little, some plan a lot.

Whichever way you do it, travel planning is integral to your trip and your holiday.  It can be the difference between having a great trip and a not so good one.

General things to consider when planning your travel are:

Throughout our travel articles, we provide tips and advice on many of these items.  Here, we also give you more specific planning tools.

All of our travel product reviews can be found here also.  Check out reviews on such things as cable organisers for all our electronic equipment that we travel with, portable travel wifi, travel security and a range of backpacks.

For those who love to do road trips in motorhomes, we have a complete range of articles here.  You will find our recommendation for the best campervan hire in France, articles on how to prepare for a motorhome trip and campervan and motorhome reviews for many countries including Portugal and Iceland.

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