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6 interesting places to visit in Marburg Qld

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Marburg is only a short drive from Queensland’s capital city of Brisbane, but it may as well be a complete world away. Stretching across both sides of the winding Warrego Highway that connects Brisbane to Charleville, this small town has retained its yesteryear charms.

There are so many things to do in Ipswich and its surrounding area. These six cool places to visit in Marburg are just some of them.

main street of marburg
Main street of Marburg

Quick Facts

  • Located in the City of Ipswich
  • Population < 900
  • In the 1860s, there were many German settlers in the area. This influenced the town name being selected. Marburg is also a city in Germany.
  • During World War One, the town’s name was changed to Townshend to remove the German alignment, but this was later reversed.
  • Once a thriving town and rest stop for travellers, the opening of the Warrego Highway saw the town bypassed, resulting in a decrease in both vehicular and visitor traffic.
  • Marburg is famous for the historic building, Woodlands of Marburg, built in the late 1800s, the annual Black Snake Creek Festival and weekly old-time dances in the local hall.

Things to do in Marburg Qld

Soul Nook Collective

With a hop step and a jump back from the main street of Marburg, you’ll find one of the best experiences in Marburg and in South-East Queensland. Utilising the beautifully restored Old Church Marburg, owner Taryn Ryan has created the perfect destination. Inside the former German Baptist Church, stained windows allow the light to shine down on a range of personally curated boutique fashion.

soul nook collective old church marburg

Unique giftware is dispersed throughout and you’ll be sure to find something for your home in the form of hand-crafted decor items.

Soul Nook Collective raises the ante outside on the church grounds. It is here that you will find a unique experience on par with anything you’d find in larger cities. Shaded by magnificent trees that have stood the test of time, you’ll find the perfect way to spend a few hours or even a day.

Styled picnics are the way to go here. For couples, try the Pod Picnic. Here you can have gourmet food delivered to you as you lounge back on soft cushions and throw rugs. Bring your own wine, kick back and listen to music often provided by local musicians.

tiipii sould nook collective marburg
The couple’s “Tiipii”

For larger groups, think hen’s parties, birthday parties or a girl’s day out, the Bell tents are perfect. There’s plenty of space inside and are more private than the smaller pods. All styling and food options are organised in advance. All you need to do is turn up with your friends or family, bring some wine, and enjoy the experience.

Owner Taryn Ryan was excited about the demand for the styled picnics, especially the new additions of the pods, noting “they are great for couples, and we were sold out on Valentine’s Day” but we are yet to see a proposal here. We are hoping to soon.”

The Soul Nook Collective offers something for everyone, providing both a destination for special events and a space where locals can come and hang out. Workshops (crystal bracelet making, floristry, meditation) take place every weekend. A mini produce market, supporting local producers, takes place every Friday from 9 am – 11 am, and a weekly puzzle club meets on Thursday.

Head to the Soul Nook Collective website for details on the styled picnics, upcoming events and opening times.

Location: 89-93 Queen St Marburg

Scotland Yard Antiques

Anyone who has ever driven the highway from Brisbane to Toowoomba will have seen the antique signs dotted in amongst the grassy fields. I’ve been watching those signs for years and not once had I ventured into town to have a look. As I arrived at Scotland Yard, a Marburg institution, I realised how much history, adventure and experience we can miss that is right under our own nose.

Scotland Yard Marburg antiques
Scotland Yard Antiques

Les Birnie, a proud Scotsman with his accent still firmly intact, has been at the helm of Scotland Yard Antiques for around 30 years. Born in the Scottish Highlands town of Tomintoul, he left his homeland behind to follow his heart, making the town of Marburg his own.

At 73 years of age, Les has been in the antique game since 1961. He is showing no signs of slowing down, still operating his store seven days a week. Inside you’ll find large pieces of period furniture mixed in with dainty teacups and saucers, bomber jackets, books and magazines. There’s a large volume of product inside, but unlike some antique stores, there seems to be a place for everything.

Scotland Yard Antiques
Some of the many treasures inside Scotland Yard

Outside in the yard, it’s a fossicker’s dream with bits and pieces of memorabilia located under ageing sheds.

Outside Scotlandd Yard antiques
Outside Scotland Yard Antiques

Location: 66 Edmond St Marburg

Special Branch Collective

The Birnie family connection is strong in Marburg, with Les’s daughter Emily taking up residence in a small shop a few metres down the road from Scotland Yard.

Showing that you don’t need a large space to wow visitors with your product, Emily’s shop blends indoor decor items with plants (sourced from their family nursery) and garden ornaments. Retail therapy seems to be a good word to associate with this calming space.

Coffee sourced from a local supplier is also on offer, and it’s hard to say no to the delicious melting moments with candy pink icing that scream out at me to be eaten from the countertop.

special branch collective
Special Branch Collective

Location: 64-66 Edmond St Marburg

Black Museum

Sharing his father’s love of antiques with a penchant for unique, contemporary design pieces, Athol Birnie completes the cultural trifecta along the main street of Marburg. Athol “prides himself on not having a particular theme, and loves being able to personally curate what is in store”.

An enormous pair of teakwood elephants have made their way from Thailand and now take pride of place at the front of the store. A stroll through here will uncover Georgian furniture, a chaise lounge, an antique washstand and many striking, one-off design pieces.

Where possible, Athol sources his pieces from the local and South East Queensland area, but goes further afield as well in search for special items that catch his eye.

the black museum

Location: 64 Edmond St Marburg

Imbibis Craft Gin Distillery

Under the roof, still bearing the faded winery sign of former owners Warrego Wines, a gin maker is now making his mark in the busy craft gin market.

Owner Jason Hannay is no stranger to this shed located in Haigslea, just off the Warrego Highway. When Warrego Wines was in its prime, Jason was the winemaker. After many years working here and for other wine labels, Jason decided it was time to step out on his own.

Jason Hannay Imbibis Gin
Jason Hannay Imbibis Gin

In 2019, Imbibis Craft Gin was formed and by December, bespoke bottles of gin, carefully crafted with Jason’s signature recipe and still, were ready for bottling. Then COVID hit, and the new business was thrust into a scenario that wasn’t expected.

Swiftly, the business was turned towards something that had significant market demand. As a manufacturer of alcohol, Jason was able to produce hand sanitiser. This highly sought-after product “stopped the business from going under”, Jason reflected. He also spent time during the ensuing lockdown period to develop new products.

The Imbibis gin range now stands at three: the signature drop Clarity, The Three Myrtles and Passion. There’s also a cheeky brandy on offer if gin doesn’t take your fancy.

imbibis craft gin
The Imbibis range

Local ingredients are used as much as possible to manufacture Imbibis gin. Olive leaves are sourced from nearby Cedar Gully Olives (Mulgowie), Jason grows lemon myrtle, and some of the botanicals included in this fine drop have been foraged for.

Imbibis tasting

Any misconception that drinking gin is standard irrespective of brand or location is cleared up as soon as Jason starts telling you about his particular brew. “Gin is not made like this anywhere else in Australia”, says Jason, noting, “it’s all about my still. I can make this same recipe on another still, and it will taste different. There is a specific flavour and texture that can’t be replicated without using this self-designed still.”

Imbibis gin still

Currently tours and tasting are by appointment only. Visit the Imbibis website for more details.

Location: 9 Seminary Rd Haigslea

Marburg Hotel

There’s nothing better than visiting an old pub in a country town. It goes next level, however, when you get to spend lunch with a family member who is one of the three generations who have held the Marburg Hotel for 80 years. Once upon a time, there were three pubs in town. Today, the Marburg Hotel is the only one that remains standing.

Marburg Hotel
Marburg Hotel

The hotel has had a facelift on the outside, and now the inside is being shown some modern-day love and affection, with rooms and bathrooms on the second story being updated.

We catch up with Dan Bowden, whose parents first purchased the pub in 1944. Dan proudly tells us about the pub’s history and how he used to sleep not far from where I am eating the delicious plate of homemade lasagne. His bedroom and those of his siblings and parents are long gone, the dining room having taken over.

As I continue to smash my way through a typically generous pub meal, Dan regales us with stories about ghosts that live upstairs, the presence of General McArthur in the area, and indigenous history.

Location: 69 Edmond St Marburg

Where is Marburg?

Marburg is located in the Ipswich City Council region of South-East Queensland. It is approximately 59 kilometres south-south-west of Brisbane, 69 kilometres east of Toowoomba and 23 kilometres from Ipswich.

The easiest and most direct way to get to Marburg is by car.

Things to do near Marburg

Unless you are a huge fan of antiques or plan to spend hours at a picnic at the Soul Nook Collective, a trip to Marburg can be squeezed in with a visit to other locations nearby.

Woodlands of Marburg is also a must-visit when in the town.

The Ipswich region is a hive of cultural adventures and is a growing foodie destination as well. Adjacent to Ipswich is the areas of the Lockyer Valley and Scenic Rim. These regions also have an abundant food trail and many experiences that showcase local producers and business people.

Some of these are listed here.

  • Summerland Camels
  • Awassi Sheep Cheesery
  • Scotty’s Barn and Garage
  • Scenic Rim Brewery
  • Overflow Estate Winery
  • Karoomba Lavender Farm and Winery

Read the following articles for full details on planning a day trip that includes Marburg. Better still, stay overnight at either Woodlands of Marburg or the Tallavalley Farmstay so you can fit in even more experiences in these local areas.

The following can all be done as day trips from Brisbane.

10 Food Adventures in the Lockyer Valley

Lockyer Valley Food Experiences

5 places to visit in the Scenic Rim

10 of the best day trips from Brisbane

Where to eat in Marburg


In a “blink and you’ll miss it” location on the busy highway, The Girls Coffee Bar has spent 10 years carving out the perfect roadside stop. Located halfway between Brisbane and Toowoomba, owners Katrina and Julie offer a welcome rest stop for those weary from travelling.

With an equal mix of good country hospitality and some mighty fine sausage rolls that ”walk out the door every day”, according to Katrina, it’s little wonder this small business has become a must-visit in the Ipswich area.

two girls coffee marburg
Morning tea at Two Girls Coffee

Along with breakfast items, there are homemade treats on offer, most of which are made daily onsite. You can also find their delicious sauces. Under the Girls Gourmet Foods label, you’ll find a tasty sauce to put on your steak, a sticky rib sauce, or a fiery chilli concoction. Wherever possible, local producers are used.

Location: Shop 1 207 Edmond St Marburg

Morning tea

Make your way to the Special Branch Collective for great coffee and tasty locally-made sweet treats. The melting moment will be hard to pass up.


It’s hard to go past the Marburg Hotel. Sit on the wide verandah of the pub and watch the world go by, even if it’s a little slower than you are used to.

It’s therapeutic to get out of the rat race for a while. Head inside for a “cold one” at the public bar where you’ll be sure to hear some great stories from the locals, or enjoy hearing them laugh as they catch up with their mates for a yarn.

Eat in the dining room and enjoy hearty country fare, where the portions will ensure you don’t leave hungry, and probably won’t need to worry too much about dinner.

lunch at the marburg hotel
Lunch at the Marburg Hotel

Open only on weekends, Tommy Smith’s Cafe at Woodlands of Marburg is also a possible lunch option.

Location: 174 Seminary Rd Marburg


Whilst the restaurant at Woodlands of Marburg is currently closed, cafe Tommy Smith serves up dinner on Friday and Saturday nights.

Where to stay

There are many accommodation options in and around Marburg.

Marburg Hotel

For a complete country experience, consider staying the night at the Marburg Hotel in the centre of town.

Check bookings and availability at the Marburg Hotel

Double room Marburg Hotel
One of the rooms upstairs at the Marburg Hotel

Tallavalley Farm B&B

Staying in a local B&B or farm stay completes the rural experience. At Tallavalley Farm B&B, country hospitality is displayed from the moment you arrive. Owners David and Joanne Baker are locals and live nearby their farm property. They are happy to be as involved (or absent) as guests like.

Tallavalley Farmstay Marburg
Tallavalley Farmstay

Set on 47 acres, it’s the perfect place to end a day wandering around Marburg and its surroundings. After a busy day, come back for drinks on the covered outdoor deck. In winter, the fireplace inside will be the star attraction. Horses, goats, chickens and cows will surround you in this fully fenced, dog-friendly three-bedroom, two-bathroom house.

This location has tranquillity written all over it. Seemingly miles from anywhere, yet only two kilometres from the main highway.

Check availability and make a booking at Tallavalley Farmstay

Offerton House

Also located close to Marburg, Offerton House offers a two-bedroom, two-bathroom option set on a seven-acre property. The house (lived in by owners) and annex have been built using a sustainable design process.

Check availability and make a booking at Offerton House

Woodlands of Marburg

Accommodation at Woodlands of Marburg is in the form of executive and deluxe suites in a dedicated building once the home of missionaries.

Check availability and make a booking at Woodlands of Marburg

Spicers Hidden Vale

At the luxury end of accommodation near Marburg is the beautiful Spicers Hidden Vale. Located only 20 kilometres from Marburg or an hour’s drive from Brisbane, Spicers Hidden Vale is a destination all on its own. With stunning mountain views, country cottages, premium dining and the opportunity to either relax or hit the hiking or horse trails nearby, it offers something for everyone.

Check availability and make a booking at Spicers Hidden Vale


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