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Scooter rental Bologna: How to experience Bologna like a local

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A Vespa tour in Bologna

We were off on a Vespa adventure to explore the hills of Bologna.  We whizzed in and out of the narrow back streets, blending in with the locals who use Vespas as their everyday transport. I couldn’t help but feel a little cool, and more than a little excited.   Like driving Citroen 2CVs in France, the Vespa is synonymous with Italy and today we were going to be riding them through the Bolognese hills.

Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy Kerri
Loving my pink helmet

We were in Bologna for one week, so spending a day exploring on a Vespa seemed to be worthwhile.  Our day started at Travelhoo, a travel agency, tour specialist and Vespa rental location in the centre of Bologna, where we met Alessandra, our tour guide (and lead Vespa rider).  Safety should be the most important aspect of any hiring process and the team at Travelhoo did this extremely well.

We highly recommend booking your scooter hire in Bologna with Alessandra.  Book here.

Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy Travelhoo travel agency

Practice riding the Vespa

Before any of us were allowed to start our Vespa tour, Vespas were chosen, helmets fitted, and the riders were taken to “practice” in a small courtyard area, away from the usual madness that is the Italian traffic.  Once the riders are settled, the pillion passengers hop on.  Not surprisingly, having a passenger changes the way the Vespa handles.  I was feeling very lucky though.  Sitting on the back with my husband, who has extensive experience riding motorbikes, I knew this would be a breeze.

Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy getting instruction
Getting an understanding of how the Vespa works

By the time we had navigated our way out of the centre of Bologna, I was perfectly at ease on the back, if not getting a little hot and sticky from the incredibly hot sun that was beating down on us.  In the streets, with barely a breeze, the humidity was already starting to be felt.  In temperatures like these, it’s a good thing to have some space, yet here I was almost stuck to my husband in front.  This would make for an interesting day.

Vespa day tours

The Vespa tours in Bologna aren’t just about the ride, although that’s one of the key parts.  The tour is blended in such a way that enables plenty of time for rest stops and time just to take in the view of the rolling landscape, formed by the hills that surround Bologna.  It also celebrates what the Italians do best, and in the Emilia Romagna “food valley”, there’s plenty of gastronomic inspiration.  With picnic lunches in the hills, to visits to local vineyards, the tour picks up many of the things that should be on a must-do list for Bologna.

riding the vespas

San Michele in Bosco

As we made our way up the first hill, en route to the Church of San Michele in Bosco, the breeze could finally be felt in our faces.  When up in the Bolognese hills, the views are endless, and the view from the Church of San Michele in Bosco did not disappoint.  From up here, the terracotta roof line seemingly extends forever, and the whole city can be seen.  Even on a hot day like today, where the heat haze is descending on the city, the view is still spectacular.

Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy view from San Michele of bosco church

Like most European churches, the building is impressive and inside there are frescoes and works of art dating back many centuries.

Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy inside san michele of bosco
Amazing artwork on the ceiling of the San Michele of Bosco Church

Walking in the hills for an amazing view

You don’t have to go too far in the hills to find a spot for a great view, but some are better than others.  Here we walked up about 300 steps, a gentle slope, without too much effort required.

steps leading to park
Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy view from the top
The view from the top makes the walk worthwhile

Sanctuary of San Luca

Sitting high aloft Monte della Guardia  is one of Bologna’s most significant monuments, the Sanctuary of San Luca.  The church itself is beautiful.  Built in the 1700s. the structure was built according to Bolognese tradition, with a simple curved profile.  There are plenty of areas here to just sit and admire the stunning view, stretching out over Bologna and its surrounding countryside.

Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy Sanctuary of San Luca
The Sanctuary of San Luca

Perhaps the most incredible structure, however, is the four-kilometre portico that joins San Luca to the city walls of Bologna.  Bologna is known for its porticos (covered walkways), each of them an amazing work of art in their own right.  To have one that stretches not only for four kilometres but also uphill is another feature altogether.  It is the longest portico in the world, with 15 chapels found along the way.  As you walk from the city towards San Luca, the walkway gets steeper as it climbs the hill.

Covered portico of Sanctuary of San Luca
Covered portico of Sanctuary of San Luca
Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy San Luca

Sabbiuno War Memorial

This was a sobering experience and a great lesson in the war history of this area.  During World War Two, Italy was initially aligned with Nazi Germany, later changing it’s allegiance to the Allies.  Here at the Sabbiuno War Memorial, history remembers a time when local partisans, fighting against the Fascist and Nazi rule, made their way up here into the hills.  Shortly thereafter, it was assumed they met their fate at the hands of the Germans.  Their bodies were found at the base of the hill after the war had ended.

Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy war memorial
Site of the Sabbiuno War Memorial

The shooting range used during the second world war.

Sabbiuno War Memorial Bologna
The shooting range on the top of the mountain, once used by German Nazis and Italian Fascists

A traditional Italian lunch

Could anything be more fitting when you are out on a Vespa ride than having a rustic picnic in the hills?  Alessandra found us a spot where we could all stretch out, and perhaps find a little bit of respite from the searing midday heat, whilst she put together a sumptuous feast, all of which had been carried around on the Vespas.

Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy picnic
Our guide Alessandra preparing our picnic lunch

No-one would have gone hungry by the time we had finished with the contents of the hamper.  From fresh olives, balsamic onions, strawberries and salamis, to crusty bread, cheese and assorted vegetables, there was plenty of great food on offer.  A variety of desserts were also included, and for those who weren’t driving, some fine Italian red wine.

Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy resting
Timeout after lunch

Ponte di Vizzano

This bridge was built at the request of a school teacher, who wanted a way for her students to be able to get to school, across the river, when the weather precluded their usual transport, the ferry.  The original bridge, built in 1926 could not hold up to the ravages of a severe flood.  In 1930, a new bridge was built, this time as a suspension bridge, not the previously used concrete pylons.

During World World Two, the Germans blew it up as they retreated, to prevent the Allies from being able to follow them.  The third iteration, built in 1994, is what stands today.  It is still a narrow, wobbly, timber-lined bridge, reminiscent of years gone by.

Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy Ponte de Vizzano
Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy lead up to Ponte di Vizzano
The lead up to the main part of the Ponte di Vizzano

Palazzo de Rossi

The Palace, built in typical Bolognese designs, with a terracotta roof, turrets and simple facades was built in the late 1400’s.  This palace became one of the most decadent homes in all of Bologna and saw the visits of many Popes during its early days.

Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy Palazzo de rossi - vespa tours in bologna

The great archway of the palace remains and gives access to the village.

vespa tours in bologna
The great archway of Palazzo de Rossi

The original moat and drawbridge are also still in place and it remains in the private ownership hands of the Bevilacqua Ariosti family.

Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy moat at Palazzo de Rossi - vespa tours in bologna

Fienile Fluò Agriturismo and vineyard

The strong sun had continued to unleash its heat at full force.  We arrived at the vineyard, our final stop for the day feeling a little worse for wear, hot, sticky and a bit dirty from the grime of the road.  It was a good feeling though, with these elements all contributing to making us feel as though we were making the most of the ride.  I drew the lucky straw too.  As I wasn’t the rider, I got to sample some of the local wines on offer at Fienile Fluò, an agriturismo specialising in wine, great food and accommodation.

Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy wine tasting
Locally produced wine
Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy food and wine

We met the lively and engaging owner Elizabeth, who took great delight in showing us around her vineyard, offering us some of her wines and tempting us with some amazing food.  In a restored barn, in the hills of Bologna, Fienile Fluò offers a restaurant with stunning views over the mountains.  They run special events during the year including a cinema in the vineyard under the stars and offer a unique place for visitors to stay.

Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy Elizabeth
Our lovely host Elizabeth

After a full day, this visit was also a chance to stop for a moment, rest and just take in this view.  I looked fairly ragged by the end of it, but the cool wine was a chance to rehydrate.  Besides, after we all got off the Vespas and took our helmets off, we all looked the same!

Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy enjoying wine
Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy vespa helmets
The Vespa helmets have the best view in the house

Vespa and scooter tours in Bologna – a must-do for any visit

We all arrived back into Bologna city late in the day, having had a full day of riding and authentic Italian experiences.  Despite a couple of near misses for some of the riders, we’d all also managed to stay perfectly upright on the Vespas, something that shouldn’t be taken for granted in a country where traffic can be fairly manic.

The Vespa tour was one of those quintessential, must-do experiences in Italy, and we were pleased to have been able to do it in Bologna, where we could combine the food and wine components also.

Vintage Vespa Food and Wine Tour Bologna Italy in courtyard

FAQs for hiring a scooter in Bologna

Hiring a Vespa, or hiring a scooter as they are sometimes referred to in Bologna presents a number of questions that come into the mind of any potential hirer.

Who can ride a scooter or Vespa?

Anyone who is licensed and over the age of 16 years old can ride a Vespa up to 125cc.

Do I need a licence to hire and ride a scooter or Vespa?

You need a driver’s licence to hire and ride a Vespa in Bologna.  This only needs to be a typical car licence for scooters and Vespas up to 125cc.  Most Vespa hiring companies only hire them up to 125cc.  Drivers can be 16 years old to drive a motorbike or scooter over 50cc and up to 125cc.

Do I need an International Drivers Permit to hire a Vespa or scooter?

Most hire companies these days don’t require an International Driver’s Permit (IDP).  It is generally accepted that as long as your normal driver’s licence is printed in English, then the local police won’t have an issue.  As a point of reference, however, we have not had an IDP for 20 years and have hired large motorhomes, boats, motorbikes and cars and never required it.  Nor does our insurance require it.  However, some hiring companies require one if the motorcycle is over 125cc.  As always, get your own advice on this depending on where you are travelling to and what you plan on hiring.

Are there manual and automatic scooters available?

Some hiring companies only have automatic.  Driving a manual Vespa or scooter requires some experience driving manual motorcycles, so if you don’t have this, our recommendation is to hire an automatic.

Can two people ride a scooter or Vespa?

Absolutely.  Having a pillion passenger is very common in Italy.

Do I need a guide?

If you are just hiring a Vespa and going off on your own, there is no requirement to have a guide.

Can I hire a guide?

There are many great tours where a guide, or a driver, is included as part of the package.  If you want to be part of a guided tour, we highly recommend Travelhoo, based right in the centre of the Quadrilatero in Bologna.

What is the cost of hiring a scooter or Vespa?

This will depend on the location, hiring company and time of hire.  If the hire is very cheap, consider the state of the Vespas and whether they are being well maintained and are safe.  We hired from Travelhoo who start their hires from €50 and go up to about €80 for a four-hour hire.  It is more economical to hire for a 24 period.  Doing so doesn’t cost that much more than a four hour period.

You can book your scooter rental in Bologna here

Where can I hire a scooter or Vespa from in Bologna?

We recommend Travelhoo who can be found at Via Caduti di Cefalonia 4/b 40125 Bologna.  There’s also a fantastic pizzeria across the road, great for having dinner when you return your Vespa in the evening.

Do I need to wear a helmet on the scooter or Vespa?

Yes, you do need to wear a helmet.  The good thing is, it is included in your hire cost.

Should I have insurance to hire a scooter or Vespa?

You know us, we are always going to say yes!  Travelling anywhere has a risk associated with it and riding a Vespa in Bologna or anywhere else in Italy, isn’t without risks.  It’s a crazy (but fun) world on the roads in Italy and as a rider on a scooter, you are more exposed than if you were in a car.  The risk increases if you are not an experienced rider, or haven’t ridden in Italy before.

We highly recommend having travel insurance if you hire a Vespa.  This should at least cover personal injury and also theft and damage of the hired scooter.

Read our guide to travel insurance essentials and why every traveller needs it

Do I need to book?

Most of the hiring companies have plenty of stock so walk-ups would be fine.  In peak summertime and holiday periods, we would suggest booking in advance however to avoid disappointment and disruption to your travel plans.  Most companies will have an online booking form or at least a request for booking area.

What will I need to hire the scooter or Vespa?

At time of pickup, you will need to show the relevant driver’s licences and passport and you will need to provide your credit card/cash for payment (if not already paid) and for securing of a deposit.

Candy pink helmet on, arms wrapped tightly around my husband as I took my place on the back of the seat, trying to find some space on the tiny pegs where two sets of feet needed to rest. The sound of the cobblestones underneath the wheels of our Vespa told me we were on our way.

More reading on the Emilia Romagna region

We have written extensively about the Emilia Romagna region.  Many of these articles are noted in the article above.  You might like to also read these additional articles whilst planning your trip to Bologna.

Travel resources

Travelling to Italy? Our favourite travel resources are listed below.  We use all of these when planning and booking our travel.


Book your flight: Flights are an important part of travel and we’re always looking for the best deals. If you can travel mid-week and be flexible, you’ll often find great deals on flights. We also use Skyscanner and Expedia for flight bookings. Dollar Flight Club is a great resource for getting special advance offers and even error fares directly to your inbox.

Book your accommodation: We all love to stay in different places, from the comfort of a self-contained apartment or house to a resort or luxury hotel. Sometimes we need something quick, easy and comfortable for an overnight stay. 

We use all of the following online booking portals depending on where we want to stay and the type of accommodation we are looking for.

  • VRBO and Stayz (in Australia) – great for holiday rentals of more than seven days and often have discounts for longer periods.
  • Booking.com and Expedia – two of our favourites due to their cancellation and refund policies.
  • Trip Advisor – perfect for getting reviews, checking availability and pricing comparisons all in one place.

Book your rental car or motorhome: We always use Discover Rental Cars anywhere in the world for car hire. Anywhere Campers is our preferred motorhome hiring company in Europe, especially if you want to be able to pickup and drop off at different locations (even countries) in Europe. If you’d like to buy your own motorhome in France, we use and recommend France Motorhome Sales. Use our code FMS1022 or tell John we sent you!

Book a tour:  We travel independently, but when we do book we book them with reputable companies who have a great cancellation and refund policy. If you are looking for advance tickets to an attraction, group or private tours, we use and recommend Get Your Guide and Viator. Both have a great range of tours and flexible cancellation policies. If you are looking to do a food tour in Europe, we also recommend Eating Europe Tours.

Be covered: We always travel with travel insurance. We did it before the pandemic and it’s even more important for us to do so now. We use Cover-More in Australia. SafetyWing has great rates for travellers who are away from home for extended periods. 

Be ready: Make sure you pack a few essentials: universal adaptorpower bank and noise-cancelling headphones

Check out our Travel Resources page for further tips and information to help you plan your travel.

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