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What to do in Emilia Romagna Italy? The top 10 experiences.

Where is Emilia Romagna

The Emilia Romagna region is found in northern Italy.  The River Po sits on the northern end whilst the magnificent Apennines mountain range borders it to the south.   The regions of Liguria and Tuscany are its western borders whilst in the west, Emilia Romagna finds the Adriatic Sea.  It also has a border with San Marino, one of the smallest countries in the world.  With rolling hills and mountain ranges, rivers and the sea, there is plenty to love about the Emilia Romagna natural landscape.  The capital of the Emilia Romagna region is the beautiful and under-rated city of Bologna.

The major cities that make up the Emilia Romagna region are: Bologna, Modena, Parma, Ferrara, Ravenna, Forlimpopoli, Bagno di Romagna, Vergato, Castenaso, Forli, San Piero in Bagno, San Piero in Casale, Reggio Emilia, Rimini, Piacenza, Cesena

What to do in Emilia Romagna

The Emilia Romagna region of Italy is one of 20 that divides up the country. Each region is unique especially when it comes to food. Emilia Romagna food is what the area is famous for.  Fittingly it is known as the food valley of Italy.  Not only is it home to some of the most incredible food in Italy, but it is also where three of the big Italian food types are made: Parma ham, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Modena vinegar.

It is also home to some of the biggest names in motorsport; Ducati, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari and Pagani.  Museums, test tracks and hot laps are all part of the Emilia Romagna experience.

If you are planning on spending time in Emilia Romagna or in Bologna, these articles will give you heaps of tips, advice and inspiration on some of the best things to do in Bologna and the best things to do in Emilia Romagna.  Bologna is the best city to base yourself whilst visiting Emilia Romagna. 

Each of the following articles is detailed and will show quite simply why we love this region so very much.  If you are looking to spend a day, a week or even longer in this area, these are the perfect guides for you, all found in one easy to find location.

Best things to do in Emilia Romagna Italy

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